Move Right On

Hi, people of MHH! This is my first fan post. I thought now felt like just the right time to make it happen, and I've wanted to for awhile anyway. Woo!

If you haven't already seen the hilariously undeniable troll show over at Hockey Wilderness, I recommend checking it out right here. Don't waste too much time reading it, but enjoy the good stuff and have a laugh at the ridiculous trollolololol. I wanted to post about it because it was me who put the original link up on the cupcakes page, just to see how our blog-tastic fan base would react. My intention was not to start a troll war, just to boost our pride here and recognize the greatness of our little community.

Of course, it turned into a riotous mess (hey, what moron couldn't see that com…oh).

This enormous conversation, a collaboration of hockey minds from all across the country, maybe even sprinkle in a few from overseas….well, it got a little messy to say the least. Some of us bit hard on the troll bait and some hefty shots were fired, in particular regarding Varly and Roy's legal histories, and a bunch of other junk I'm unwilling to summarize (much isn't worth reading once, let alone twice). BUT, a lot of the real hockey conversation was super cool and I love the collaboration on that part.

Here's the part where I might get a little soap boxy, we'll see.

Troll away, feed the trolls, whoever some of these characters are, whatever. You do you. I can't believe I bridged this whole thing (it's a really proud moment honestly) but here's the thing: we have more important things on the table.

Our team, the Avalanche, has Game 1 of the playoffs on Thursday, April 17. Our MVP will be between the pipes, our zen master will be keeping the calm, our captain will be bruising and cruising, our rookie will be breaking the sound barrier, and Tyson Barrie is going to score like every single game winning goal because of course he is. And then Dutchy is going to come back and that'll be even better. The point is that it doesn't matter who we're playing, because even if we drew Chicago or Dallas or even Phoenix, we'd still be looking at a schedule with a game plan in mind, and that is to win. And win. And win some more. Screw the other fans, screw the corsi, screw Vegas, and while I'm at it, screw whoever decided to broadcast Game 3 on NHL Network and not normal tv, those bastards. We've got an incredible opportunity here to show the rest of the league why the hell not us. Why not this team, and this coach, and this management and ownership. Why not this fan base. These other teams had better know damn well that Patrick Roy isn't backing down any time soon. This wacky genius didn't even smile or fist bump or anything when the bloos lost and we clinched the Central. He was too busy planning for what's coming up, and you know he's going to have this team ready for whatever's ahead.

So to the trolls, and to the trolled, I say we move on. Sure, it'll be a fun week of hockey and there might be some cool people on the other side who we can gain valuable whatever, but as a fan base, I think we have bigger and better things to look forward to.

As always,

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