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Alright, so it's been suggested that "Bits and Links" isn't a very good title.  And as I am swamped with school work, and am in general an unimaginative person, I've decided that a poll was needed....

A Case of the Mondays Open Thread


Today's thread is an open thread. Lament about Chris Stewart breaking his non-taunting hand. Rave about Greg Mauldin, scoring machine. Scratch your head about Holos getting sent back to Lake...

Holos Back To Lake Erie


According to Dater, Holos is heading back to Lake Erie. Here's his tweet, "Jonas Holos back to Lake Erie. No punchline needed". Just what is going on with Sacco and not liking this guy? Did he make one to many "Your mama jokes?"

Bits and Links


Bleacher Report has released Pleyer Grades since we have reached the quarter mark: Through the quarter mark, Liles has easily been the Colorado Avalanche's best player John-Michael Liles gets an...

Game 23 Recap: Avalanche 7, Wild 4


Game 23 Recap: Avalance 7, Wild 4


Game 23 Live Thread: Wild at Avalanche

Thanks to Randy Time for tonight's GDT Photo. Go Avs!

Bits and Links


  A preview of the game: The Wild has picked up points in each of its last eight games in Denver (6-0-2), including a franchise-best three-game winning streak at Pepsi Center. Prior to the 6-0-2...

Game 23 Preview: Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche


The Colorado Avalanche host the Minnesota Wild tonight at the Pepsi Center. After winning four in a row, the Avalanche dropped two straight this week, both to NW Division teams. The Avs will want...

Bits and Links


So the Avalanche lost last night after falling asleep at the wheel. Found a few bits and pieces for you.   Sacco's thoughts on the game. "I thought we really didn’t start on time," said Avalanche...

Cash is back: Avs recall Jason Bacashihua


Bad News: Clearly, Andy's going to be out a while. Good News: It wasn't Grahame. Cash was Budaj's back up in last night's mess, and it appears he's staying in Denver a while. I'm looking forward to seeing what Cash can do. He looked good in training and rookie camps. Of course, I'd rather have Budaj playing at a top level so that Cash doesn't have to give up his baseball cap and door duties.

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