Avalanche Blogger Roundtable

Roundtable: Are the Avs Playoff Bound?


In our second edition of MHH Roundtable, the crew debates whether or not the Avs have a shot at securing a post-season slot.

Roundtable: Mackinnon vs. Jones vs. Drouin


This year's upcoming NHL Draft is one of the tighter ones in recent history. And there are three young men responsible for this dilemma.

2011 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 12: Bold Predictions


Prediction time! Please make your bold predictions here so we can all marvel or point and laugh at the end of the year. How many points will the Avalanche finish with? How deep will they go in the...

2011 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 11: The Goalies


  The only question mark about the Avalanche goaltending going into last season was whether Craig Anderson would play 60 games or 70 games. Things didn't quite work out as expected and the...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 10: The D


Assuming everyone is healthy, who do you think will be the six defensemen in the lineup on opening night? Not surprisingly, answers are all over the place here without any logical way to...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 9: Breakout Player


  Other than Gabriel Landeskog, who on the Avs do you think will have a breakout year this year? I deliberately did not provide any criteria for this question as I wanted to let each writer to...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 8: Gabriel Landeskog


  Three players have scored 50 points as a rookie in an Avalanche uniform: Paul Stastny (78), Matt Duchene (55) and Alex Tanguay (51). Will Gabriel Landeskog become the fourth? What sort of...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 7: Ryan Stoa


Ryan Stoa was the Avs' first draft pick in the 2005 draft - 10 spots ahead of Paul Stastny - but has yet to find his groove at the NHL level. Has the window of opportunity closed on him? S...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 6: Moving on Up?


The Avalanche ranked 15th in goals scored and 30th in goals allowed last year. Which of these areas will see the biggest improvement (if any) next year? As you might expect, pretty much everyone...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 5: Varlamov & the Lottery


    How worried are you that the 1st round pick we traded to Washington for Semyon Varlamov will end up as a lottery pick? I was a little surprised by the responses here. Avalanche bloggers tend...


Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 4: Skipper Joe


Is Joe Sacco on the hot seat? And, if so, what sort of season do the Avalanche need to have for Skipper Joe to be back behind the bench in 2012? Unfortunately (for Sacco), many here seem to think...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 3: Looking Back at the Trades


  Since the start of the 2010-2011 season, Avalanche GM Greg Sherman has made 8 separate deals, bringing in players like Erik Johnson, Semyon Varlamov and Ryan O'Byrne. Which one was his best and...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 2: Moving Vans


With the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, there is talk that the NHL will need to realign next season.  As NHL commissioner for the day, you are charged with realigning the Western Conference so...

Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Day 1: A Blast From the Past


You wake up tomorrow with mysterious magical GM powers and can bring back one - and only one - former Avalanche player. The only restriction is that the player must still be active in the NHL....

Welcome to the 2011 Avalanche Blogger Roundtable


  It started small. Just about five years ago, eleven bloggers gathered in Joe's basement to feast on Doritos and Mountain Dew while discussing the Colorado Avalanche. The response was immediate...

A MHH Look at the Avalanche at the Deadline, Part Two, Electric Boogaloo


So what does the MHH team think about who mught not make the February 28th cutoff for the defensive corps or goalies? Read on. DDC-As I mentioned the other day, I think the acquisition of B...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 9


Question #9 marks the end of this year's Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. We hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as we enjoyed putting these together. Once again, we are reminded that there...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 8


Question #8 of the Avalanche Blogger Roundtable has arrived. Only one more to go! Question 1: Avalanche attendance woes Question 2: Avalanche toughness Question 3: Craig Anderson, workhorse Q...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 7


  Welcome to day 3 of the 2010 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. Avalanche writers from around the web have been answering questions about the upcoming season all week. Today we wrap up with...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 6


Question 6 of The Avalanche Blogger Roundtable brings us to the end of day 2. We'll be back tomorrow with the last three questions. Question 1: Avalanche attendance woes Question 2: Avalanche...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 5


  The Avalanche Blogger Roundtable has reached the halfway point. Question #5 can be found after the jump; previous questions are linked below. Question #6 will be up later today. Question 1: A...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 4


Welcome to day 2 of the 4th annual Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. Avalanche bloggers from around the web are weighing in this week on our favorite unipronned team. We'll be covering question 4...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 3


And we're back again with today's 3rd and final Avalanche Blogger Roundtable question. So far we've covered the Avs' attendance (or lack thereof) and the team's level of toughness. With the final...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 2


We're here for round two of the Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. If you haven't already done so, please check out Question 1 for an explanation on how this all work. Question number 2 covers team...

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable: Question 1


Today kicks off the 4th Annual Avalanche Blogger Roundtable, where various Avalanche bloggers weigh in on key questions about the Avs' upcoming season. Actually, we should probably go with...

4th Annual Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Kicks Off Monday


It's that time of the year again, folks. Hockey season kicks off soon, which means that it is time for another rendition of the Avalanche Blogger Roundtable. For those who aren't familiar, the...

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