Colorado Avalanche By The Numbers

Signing Prospects & The 50 Contract Limit


One of the key components of player development and running an NHL franchise in general is managing the 50 contract limit that is imposed on all clubs. It would be wonderful if the Avs could just...

Tuesday Trends: Four to Go


Oh, Canada!, locking in spots, and home ice all in play this week

Tuesday Trends: No Foolin'


More mix-ups in the battles for home ice and top 2.

Tuesday Trends (March 25)


New division leaders? Casualties? Wild card intrigue? Stay tuned!

Tuesday trends. On Thursday. Shut up.


The Pacific is getting interesting as we come down to the end.

Tuesday Trends: March 11 playoffs update


Minor shuffling in the also-rans and there's a new sheriff in town as we check in on the Western standings.

The Final Stretch: By the Numbers


Tomorrow night the Avalanche kick off their final push for the 2013-2014 NHL playoffs. Here's a look at what's left on the schedule.

Reasons I'm excited for the 2013-2014


10 Reasons I'm excited for the 2013-2014 Colorado Avalanche season

Your 2013-2014 Colorado Avalanche


The Colorado Avalanche 2013-2014 Starting Roster.

Duchene & Landeskog's extensions: cap percentage


The value of a salary isn't the same from one year to the next as the cap inflates. Let's compare Matt Duchene and Gabe Landeskog's recent extensions to the league based on the proportion of the...


Who is the real Paul Stastny?


What do you expect from #26 in 2013-2014?

Comparing Forwards


Let's take a step away from the draft debate for a moment to look at the Avs' potential trade situation, specifically when it comes to Top 6 Forwards.

Drafting Forwards


MHH recently looked at the success rates of top ranked defensemen over the past few years. How do the forwards stack up?

Drafting Defensemen


There is a stigma against selecting defensemen early in the first round. How true is this perception, and what could it mean for the Avs at the upcoming draft?

Peaks and Valleys X


in which Free Tyson Barrie is a descriptor, not a command :D

With or Without You: On Scratching Jamie McGinn


A WOWY comparison, and a look at who really drives the first line. DANGER: Maths Content, but don't worry, it's all explained.

Peaks and Valleys VIII


More love for Matt Duchene, O'Reilly's advanced numbers are astronomical, and Cody McLeod's "combative awkwardness"

Peaks and Valleys: Already Halfway Home


A look back at how the season's storylines have progressed so far.

Crack open some Cold ones: Peaks & Valleys, Week 6


This is a weekly feature that aims to recap recent (last ten games) player trends and news. Feel free to whine about the judgements.

Peaks and Valleys: Oog


Duchene is not allowed to leave again, Parenteau headed on an Earthward trajectory, and somebody for the love of Roy help Varly!

Peaks and Valleys: Mostly Just Valleys


A less than outstanding week for the Avs, as in two games they managed exactly that many goals, and zero points in the standings.

Peaks and Valleys: It Continues


Duchene still rules, I <3 P.A. Parenteau, and the PK is awful and awesome: Up and down week for the Avs, falling 4-1 in Edmonton and 3-0 in Vancouver, then winning 6-3 in Calgary and 3-1 in a...

The 90s: Who wore it best?


The 90s: Who wore it best?

Splitsville: Avalanche at Flames


Career splits for the Avs vs Calgary

The 80s: Who wore it best?


The 80s: Who wore it best?

Splitsville: Avalanche at Canucks


A look at the Avalanche career splits against Vancouver. Spoiler alert: they aren't awesome.

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