Checking Out

Checking Out Cameron Gaunce


Cameron "Awesome" Gaunce is about to turn 21, and he's already achieved what most hockey players only dream of doing: playing in the NHL. If you ask his former coaches and teammates what got him...

Checking Out Wojciech "Wojtek" Wolski


Wojtek Wolski was born 25 years ago today in Zabrze, Poland. By the time he was 5, he and his family had immigrated twice: first to Berlin, Germany (age 2) and then to Toronto, Ontario (age 4). As...

Checking Out the 2011 NHL Draft Class


I had every intention of doing a detailed analysis of the potential draft picks for the upcoming festivities June 24-25, 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota. However, I started talking with Yeti and...

Checking Out Peter Forsberg (Part 2)


Peter Forsberg lit the hockey world on fire from the moment he first played with Modo in his hometown in Sweden. His talent was undeniable. In just over ten years, he'd won more competitions and...

Checking Out Peter Forsberg (Part 1)


There’s no way around it: Peter Forsberg is a legend. His accomplishments are heralded across the world and not just in hockey circles. Touted as being one of the - if not the - best two-way...

Checking Out Philippe Dupuis


After a strong showing at training camp for the 2010-11 season, French-Canadian Philippe Dupuis found himself for the first time in his career on an NHL roster for opening night. Perhaps it was a...

Checking Out Joe Sacco


When Joe Sacco was named as the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche, many people - including Avalanche fans - were surprised. The Medford, MA, native had only been coaching for four years: two...

Checking Out Ryan O'Byrne


  Ryan O’Byrne, the 6’5" 234-pound defenseman, has already made a huge impact with the Colorado Avalanche. In his first game, he led the team in TOI (24:51) and hits (6) and tied for lead in shots...

Checking Out Greg Mauldin


28-year-old Greg Mauldin worked hard to get where he is as a professional hockey player. Despite experiencing a steady backward trend – going from playing in the NHL to the AHL to the UHL – which...

Checking Out Kevin Porter


With all the injuries the Avs forward corps has sustained, Coach Sacco has trusted Kevin Porter with top line duties, giving him the opportunity to flank high-scoring center Paul Stastny. Mr....

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