Chicks and their Polls

Weekly polls for inspiring debate.

Friday Musings: Double Deadline


Worried that Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy will struggle to obtain the playoff pieces they need before the buzzer rings on this year's trade deadline? Don’t be, because they get a practice round next...

Chicks and their Polls: Housecleaning


The Avalanche wasted no time after the season ended to announce to the hockey world changes needed to be made. The first of which came in the firing of head coach Joe Sacco. The second came in the...

Chicks and their Polls: Who goes where?


Given the sad state of the Avalanche right now, talk has understandably turned to the draft.

Who should be sent packing?


The question of trading a defenseman is more about which trade would benefit the Avalanche the most, which player would net the right kind of return, than who we'd like to see go. What's your take?

Top o' the Trade


The O'Reilly Situation has focused a lot of attention on Greg Sherman and his ability with trading players. Let's check out what he's done over the past 3.5 seasons, dating back to the trade...

Vote: Season or No Season


The NHL and NHLPA are flexing their muscles. How long is this going to last? Tell us your thoughts on the likelihood of a 2012-2013 NHL season.

Chicks and their Polls: You knew it was coming


Will there be a lockout in the 2012-2013 NHL season?

Chicks and their Polls: Will you punch sandwiches?


Until the Scott Parker scandal (nicely done, Brett), most talk floating around the interwebs was focused on the CBA and potential lock out situation. Yes, yes, we all know it's too early to shut...

Chicks and their Polls: How much gold is at the end of O'Reilly's rainbow?


With Jamie McGinn headed to arbitration, the last RFA we've yet to hear about is Ryan O`Reilly. It's not surprising, really, as his next contract is tricky business. O'Reilly's coming off a career...

Chicks and their Polls: Is Bobby Ryan worth it?


It's no secret that Bobby Ryan wants out of Anaheim. He's an elite forward who could fit nicely with the Avalanche. He's played with both Paul Stastny and Erik Johnson on Team USA, showing some...


Chicks and their Polls: Breaking a deal with the Devil(s)


The Devils were humming along victoriously, making it seem very unlikely that Zach Parise would choose to fly the coop to greener playoff pastures. Now that the team lost—in a not-so-pretty...

Chicks and their Polls: Last Man Standing


The news of Matt Hunwick's signing sparked a lot of mixed opinions about the reasons for the transaction, as well as the way it will affect the team next season. Does bringing back Hunwick mean the...

Chicks and their Polls: First!


It's no secret the Avalanche have a plethora of unsigned guys. Some of them are RFAs, while others are UFAs. Regardless, the front office has its work cut out for it. Now that the goalie prospects...

Chicks and their Polls: The Pacific Di—err, Western Conference Finals


How many people in the hockey world do you think picked a Western Conference Final between the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes? Yeah, I'm going for the big goose egg, too. I certainly...

Chicks and their Polls: To Stewart or not to Stewart


As many of you probably know, Chris Stewart was a healthy scratch again, this time for Game 2 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. According to an article by Adrian Dater, Blues' coach Ken...

Chicks and their Polls: the Wild Wild West


The Western Conference playoff teams have all navigated the first round. There were a few upsets, to say the least. Prez Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks fell 4 games to 1 to the eighth-seeded Los...

Chicks and their Polls: Because it's the playoffs


Only a week into the playoffs and already there are story lines all over the place. From the fights between rival gangs West Side Pens and East Side Flyers to the Prez Trophy boys being schooled by...

Chicks and their Polls: Duck, duck, UFA goose


Since the Avalanche are now officially done for the season, talk is, of course, turning to next season. With only a handful of guys signed, that leaves a lot of room for talking. Some of the boys...

Chicks and their Polls: Will Colorado keep playing or start golfing?


Last night was a huMANgous big blow to the Avalanche's playoff hopes. The team essentially needs (1) to win all four remaining games and (2) get help with losses from other bubble teams to make it...

Chicks and their Polls: To golf or not to golf


For the next three weeks (or until the answer becomes obvious), Chicks and their Polls is going to focus on the same topic: whether or not the Avalanche make the playoffs. Currently, the team...

Chicks and their Polls: Who sits when Big Sexy comes back?


The Colorado Avalanche just announced that Ryan O`Byrne will be back in the line up for the upcoming game against the Nashville Predators on Thursday. With his return, there will be changes to the...

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