Colorado Avalanche Recaps

Avs' season finished; Wild advance


After a hard series, the Wild come out on top. Thanks, guys, for the ride.

Avs fall to Minny, Game 7 a go


Despite playing very well, the Avs fall to Minnesota in a closer game than the score indicates

Cardiac arrests on the rise as Avs beat Wild in OT


P. A. Parenteau ends the drought, Mackinnon does what MacKinnon does, Avs head to Minnesota with a chance to end this series.

Epic Douchebaggery leads the Wild to win


Semyon Varlamov was outstanding as Minnesota wins in the first OT after being giant assholes all game.

Game 82 Recap: Avs get a point against Anaheim


A very depleted Avs team plays a pretty depleted Ducks team and snag one final point to round out the season.

Tired legs, missed opportunity


San Jose didn't get the memo tonight and played the game like it actually mattered.

Look who's number one!


It may not last long, but boy it feels good right now.

Avs beat the snot out of St. Louis 4-0


Despite epic frustrated goonery, the Avs convincingly smash the St. Louis Blues and shut them out. David Backes sucks.

A BlueBarrie Win


The Ice Man cometh and leadeth the Avs to a win.

Let's go Dancing!


The Avalanche clinched a playoff berth and their 7th 100 point season since moving to Colorado, jumping ahead of the Blackhawks in the process.


Avs win a fun game over the Canucks in OT


The Avs won out over their old nemesis, holding the Canucks back a bit from a playoff berth and reaching within a point of catching Chicago.

Game 72 Recap: Avs win in shootout over Nashville


A crazy game (eliciting several heart attacks) finally found the Avs as victors in an inter-conference challenge.

Do Unto Others: Avs fall to Bruins


Remember the game in October these two played?

Jets fly by the Avs, winning in OT 5-4


I love puns, but that's the only one I'll use today. The Jets came out triumphant in the match tonight, winning in OT after a fast paced game in Winnipeg.

Avs lose in a barn burner at Pepsi Center


The Avs get outplayed in a sloppy, yet intense game at Pepsi Center. Did anyone else need a defibrillator tonight?

Game 64 Recap: Blues 2 Avalanche 1


In a playoff style game the Avalanche come up a few bounces short, lose 2-1.

No one said it had to be pretty


Avalanche find a way to win on the road yet again, maintaining the top spot as road warriors.

Avs Gain On Blackhawks With Win.


Let me repeat. The Avs beat the Blackhawks tonight. They have played one less game and are only one point back from the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.

Avs Honor Military with Win


The Avalanche had 4 goals from blueliners in their 6-3 victory over Tampa Bay.

Yay Avs! You win!


The Avalanche took down the Coyotes in Denver with a great all around performance.

Game 59 Recap: Kings 6 - Avalanche 4


Avalanche implode at the end of second period, give up 4-straight goals in their return to NHL hockey.

Game 58 Recap: Avalanche Beat Islanders 5-2


Despite a near third period collapse, the Avalanche beat the Islanders 5-2 and headed to the Olympic break on a high note.

Recap: Avs drop a stinker to the Rangers


When you mix a tired Avalanche team with one of the top teams in the East, the results can be unpleasant.

Game 54 Recap: Avalanche Steamroll the Sabres


The Avalanche learn something about killer instinct, as they absolutely crush the Buffalo Sabres in their Olympic sendoff at the Pepsi Center.

Avs go on a Wild ride


So much for boring games.

"A Shootout at the O.K. Corral" - Mark Rycroft


The Avs hit Dallas, playing a red-hot Stars for the fifth and final time this season.

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