Second Annual Avalanche Guild vs. Mile High Hockey After Hours Game


The date has been set! For the second year in a row, the folks over at the Avs Guild will face off against peeps from our very own MHH in a battle of sticks 'n pucks at the Pepsi Center. Last year,...

Free Agency Thread Part 4


Apart from Peter Budaj going to the Canadiens, not much more happened since the start of the last thread - as far as I know. I've been *ugh* working. Boods' contract is for $1.1 million next...

Free Agent Frenzy Thread Part Three


  Thread Three. Lots of very interesting things happening in Avsland right now. Shoring up the D with a solid veteran so far with Jan Hejda. Guaranteed more to come. Colorado has just traded a 2012...

Free Agent Frenzy Thread Part Two

Well that first thread didn't quite take us as far as I thought it would, but whatever. Let's do this! Free Agency GOGOGOGO Links to Streams are found here:   TSN & Sportsnet Northwest Division...

Free Agency Frenzy Thread


This is it. We should find out who our new goalies are in just a matter of hours. Will they go big with Vokoun or will the Avs pull a surprise and snatch up a name that hasn't been bandied about...

Draft Party Countdown: It's HERE!


Are you ready to rummmmmble?? It's time, folks. Not much more to say. BE THERE if you can. If you can't, there's a live thread going up in a couple of hours. JOIN IN! Hopefully, we'll be getting...

Draft Party Countdown: TOMORROW!!!


We're almost there...FINALLY! I know lots of you are in the same frame of mind I am: get this party draft started! We've been talking about it for so long, and it felt like it would never get here....

NHL Awards show Open Thread


In case anyone is interested in dissing discussing the winners of this year's awards, here's an open thread for ya. Hopefully, it will be at least a little bit entertaining. For those interested,...

Draft Party Countdown: 2 days


You've got two more days to prepare for the MHH Draft Extravaganza at the Fox and Hound in Littleton. Okay, so the extravaganza really is just a bunch of Avs fans gathering together IRL to hang...

Draft Party Countdown: 3 days


We're getting closer, close enough to start talking hours. Maybe. Don't forget that draft coverage starts at 5 pm (yes, I have confirmed that in a dozen places) this Friday (confirmed that too), so...

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