Lake Erie Monsters Coverage

From the Monsters Desk: The 2014-15 Roster


Since we have nothing better to do but rosterbate until training camp, here's a first look at what we have for your beloved Monsters in the coming season. At the moment, the Avs still have one...

From the Monsters Desk: Offseason Filler Article


Not a surprise, but there hasn't been any news on any player signings, coaching changes or whatnot since the Bourke contract was announced. That should change in about a week. I hope. So, for...

From the Monsters Desk: An Early Look Ahead


Now that the ELCs have been given out we can start to get a picture of how the 2014-15 incarnation of the beloved Monsters is shaping up. As of now there are 17 players signed to prospect contracts...

From the Monsters Desk: Season Review part 2, The


Last week we took a stat-heavy look at the beloved Monsters and drew a few conclusions, like they struggled to win games in regulation, had a difficult time scoring at even strength, took too many...

From the Monsters Desk: Season Review part 1


The beloved Monsters season is over, the Black Aces have been disbanded and the rink is quiet until training camp. Time to take a look at what was accomplished this year. First, we'll focus on the...

From the Monsters Desk: The End is Near


This is it folks, the final weekend. Two games left, both against the hated Grand Rapids Griffins. The Monsters lost to GRG in November 6-4 and crushed them in February 4-0 in one of Sami...

From the Monsters Desk: Who are the Black Aces?


During Sunday's game against the Amerks, the broadcasters talked about the Monsters keeping 5-7 guys past the end of the season on Saturday to practice and be ready in case the Avalanche need...

From the Monsters Desk: Home. Finally.


The beloved Monsters have completed the Wild West Road Trip from Hell and honestly it could have gone a bit better. In seven games, there was one win, a couple of (really) blown leads late that...

From the Monsters Desk: Texas 3-Step


The beloved Monsters finish up the Wild West Road Trip finally with a 3-in-3, Texas/San Antonio/Texas. Tuesday night the Monsters handily defeated San Antonio 5-3 with goals from Schumacher,...

From the Monsters Desk: Rampage in San Antonio


The beloved Monsters take on San Antonio tonight, kicking off a 4-game week and the Wild West portion of the road trip from hell. LEM dropped 2 games at home to the Rampage in early February. Last...


From the Monsters Desk: The Late Push Continues


The beloved Monsters continue their grueling road trip tonight against the Milwaukee Admirals. The teams have met 3 times so far this year with the Monsters creaming them twice at the Q and...

From the Monsters Desk: Roadtrip!


After a refreshingly wonderful weekend series against the freefalling Amerks, the Monsters have embarked on a long roadtrip through the midwest and on down to the great state of Texas. The journey...

From the Monsters Desk: All-American Weekend


The beloved Monsters have a welcome homestand this weekend before heading off to the far corners of the AHL on a two week 7-game roadtrip. The arch-rival Rochester Amerks will be at the Q for two...

From the Monsters Desk: Mid-Week Marlie Mash


Tough week coming up for our beloved Monsters, 3 games against the playoff-bound teams in the North Division starting off Wednesday night against the despised Toronto Marlies. A week and a half ago...

From the Monsters Desk: Down the Stretch!


With three-quarters of the season in the books, the beloved Monsters sit pretty much where they've been for most of the season in the bottom third of the Western Conference. While the playoffs are...

From the Monsters Desk: The Pressure Is On


Yes, the beloved Monsters [23-26-6] playoff chances are all but lost for the season, but this weekend represents the last gasp of hope. Two games against the Marlies [33-18-4] then a 3rd-in-3...

From the Monsters Desk: The Future...


Over the past couple of articles I've been looking at how the Monsters have struggled this year and the reasons why that go back to last summer's Free Agent Day and beyond. Now it's time to look...

From the Monsters Desk: The Case of Dean Chynoweth


The beloved Monsters [21-24-4] return home to Cleveland this weekend for a 2 game series with the Iowa Wild [21-19-10]. Lake Erie's trip to Iowa last month was smack in the middle of the January...

From the Monsters Desk: Hey! We're still playing!


The beloved Monsters [20-23-4] are on the road in beautiful Oklahoma City this weekend to hang with SteveHouse and the @MHH's and also to play 2 vs the Barons [21-22-6]. Last week the Monsters beat...

From the Monsters Desk: Rampage Weekend


The beloved Monsters [20-21-4] take on Panthers affiliate San Antonio Rampage [17-21-8] for a 2-game set at the Q this weekend. First meetings of the year for these 2 teams with the season series...

From the Monsters Desk: Quick Trip to Grand Rapids


The beloved Monsters [19-21-4] fire up the bus and head north to Grand Rapids for a weekday roadie against the hated Griffins [29-13-4] today. The Griffs are the Western Conference leaders and...

From the Monsters Desk: The Streak Ends


Our beloved Monsters [18-20-4] take on the Charlotte Checkers [21-19-1] twice this weekend at home. First meeting of the season for these two teams who are 11th and 12th in the Western Conference...

From the Monsters Desk: Make or Break Weekend


The beloved Monsters [17-19-3] are now in the midst of a devastating slide, 6 regulation losses in a row while being outscored 27-11. We will see 3 division opponents in a row this weekend,...

From the Monsters Desk: Mid-term Evaluations


Our beloved Monsters have now reached 38 games played, the halfway point of the season, so it's a good time to take a look at what's been done and what needs to be done before the end of the year. ...

From the Monsters Desk: Gettin' Wild in Iowa!


The beloved Monsters [17-16-3] head to are already in Iowa to face the Wild [15-16-5] for a two game set this weekend. This will be the first ever meeting between the teams, although the Wild are...

From the Monsters Desk: Developing Talent in the A


Properly utilizing a farm system is a relatively new thing for the Avs organization so I figured we should take a look at what the AHL is and how it is useful for the NHL teams and the Avs in...

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