MHH Locks Out the NHL

Smash Mob - An Example to Follow


If you're an NHL owner/player and you haven't done this for your community within the next month then I hope you enjoy the bag of dicks you should have to suck while getting sodomized by a killer whale with a taste for pasty white millionaires.

The Buddy Cop Movie


The internet, man. It's just a funny place. Sometimes it's literally funny, with quips and comics delighting the masses and sometimes it's that different kind of funny, the kind you never see...

Checking Out Mental Health


The reality of mental disorders is a story that must be heard—and not in spite of the fear of people’s reactions, but because of it. That fear is at the root of this problem, and until it’s...

Guild Wars 2: The Game Gamers Have Been Waiting For


I assume most of you know I'm a pretty serious gamer and those who don't can just trust that I am based on this post alone. First off, some history. Nooch. Guild Wars was a pretty popular MMO...

Shreg German Addresses Critics, Reveals Mindset Behind Decision to Promote Labrium Gobbsalog


The following is a statement from the Colorambo Applesauce company regarding the decision to name Labrium Gobbsalog the youngest Senior Facilitator in the history of the National Lockout Limited....

501 Must-See Movies - Revised and Updated List


Action/Adventure and Epic Napoleon (1927)Cleopatra (1934)The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)Gone With the Wind (1939)The Sea Hawk (1940)The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)Wages of Fear...

Beachie's Travels


A run down of my favorite vacation spots in the world.

Album Review: Heart of Cygnus' The Voyage of Jonas


To celebrate lockout week, I thought I'd take a look at Heart of Cygnus brand new, self-produced new album The Voyage of Jonas - available now on Amazon, iTunes or the band's own store. For...

Welcome to the MHH lockout week


A couple of weeks ago, I posted my angry letter to the NHL, a tongue-in-cheek Dear John letter where I promised to preemptively lock out the NHL for threatening yet another stupid, selfish, greedy...

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