NHL News

Varly Named NHL 2nd Star of the Week


No seriously. They are aware the team exists after all.

2013 Draft: An Overview


A brief look at 10 of the top prospects available in the upcoming NHL Draft.

It's Not Like Anyone Watches All Star Shit Anyway


The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through December 14. The NHL also announced the cancellation of the 2013 NHL All-Star Weekend...

Exclusive Victor Hedman Interview


MHH talked to Tampa Bay Lighting's Victor Hedman about his new app SimpliFlow, the lockout, the Lighting and the World Junior Championships.

Lockout 2012: Understanding the Mess


The underlying numbers behind the NHL and NHLPA's proposals might surprise you. Here's a look at what's really going on and how each side's argument may affect the league financially.

NHL Lockout Sparks First Official Cancellations


The NHL has announced the official cancellation of games through September 30, 2012, including all pre-season games.

Big Ben. Parliament.


NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman updates reporters on the progress of CBA talks in this undated photo courtesy Bryn Lennon, Getty Images Well, here we are again, folks. In a display of...

The lockout of NHL fans has begun


So, uh, are you ready for some football?

Getting to Know the Chicago Blackhawks


Vitals Joined the League: 1926 as one of the Original Six Stanley Cups: 1934, 1938, 1961, 2010 2011-12 Finish: #6 in the West, #10 Overall, Lost in the first round to PHX 2011-12 Leading...

A letter from an average fan to the NHL


An imaginary fan letter to the NHL


Getting to Know the Calgary Flames


The Flames are one of the Avs divisional rivals. Here's the rundown on the team from the people who know it best - the fans.

Getting to Know the Buffalo Sabres


The third team in our off-season look around the league is the Buffalo Sabres.

Getting to Know the Boston Bruins


MHH's look at the other teams in the league continue with the Boston Bruins.

Getting to Know the Anaheim Ducks


This off-season, MHH will be taking a look at getting to know the other teams in the league from the perspective of their fans. Up first: The Anaheim Ducks.

NHL CBA Talks Take an Ominous Turn


Don't make opening night plans just yet. The NHL and team owners just took the hard line in the CBA negotiations.

Getting to Know the Other NHL Teams


If you could ask any fanbase of any NHL team a question, what would it be?

A sort of homecoming: The Kings and I


Don't get me wrong. I am an Avalanche fan through and through. The second I heard Colorado was getting an NHL club, it was done for me. I found my team, my hockey heart. But the Kings are a part of...

Playoff Primer - The Varsity Conference


Somehow I ended up volunteering to do a little playoff preview here at MHH but when I sat down to write it, I decided the only games I really cared about were the ones in the Western Conference....

What if? Playoff scenarios under different points systems


A favorite thing to do among NHL fans is to wonder how they can improve the NHL standings points system. Some say it's ridiculous that you get a point for losing (in fact the Florida Panthers...

The Acceptance of LGBT Athletes in Hockey


With the new "You Can Play" initiative, the topic of homosexuality in the NHL can no longer be ignored.

Why Your Kid Should Play Hockey


All of us here at MHH love the sport of hockey. We each have our own reasons—the speed, the skill, the strategy, the strength, or that something else—that attract us to the game time and again....

All Star Game Thread


Yesterday, Team Alfredsson kicked Team Chara's collective arse. I'm sure somebody's out for a bit of face saving today. Some folks dig the All Stars Game. Some think it's kind of lame. For those...

All Star Skills Competition Thread


As you probably know, Gabriel Landeskog, member of Team Chara, will be participating in the Skills Relay this evening in the stick handling portion of the event. Here are the team line ups for each...

All-Star 'Fantasy' Draft Sucks


All-Star 'Fantasy' Draft Sucks

Promote youth hockey and give back to our military


Vote for Defending the Blue Line in the Joining Forces Community Challenge, and help them get recognition for the work they do. Go to this website, click on Vote and then "Like" it so that your...

World Juniors Start Next Monday


Broadcast schedules and team links for the USA and Canada World Junior teams and when you can see Avs prospect Sami Aittokallio (G, Finland) play.

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