Northwest Check

Northwest Check - Calgary Flames Off-Season Review


Awwwww yeah. It's about that time again where we're close enough to the end of the off-season to look back and take a look at exactly how Flames GM Jay Feaster plans to keep his team treading water...

Northwest Check - "That Hurt" Edition


There's not anything good to say this week. I've said all season I never expected the Avalanche to make the playoffs but to come SO close and fall short is painful. Starting with the kick to the...

Northwest Check - "Losing is Stupid and Yes I'm Mad" Edition


Calgary doesn't deserve to be a playoff team. They just don't. They have 6 fewer wins than Colorado, who is only 4 wins behind Vancouver, btw, and have left the arena with losses in 41 of their 75...

Northwest Check - "With The Strength of a Raging Fire" Edition


Gonna make this relatively short because my new job has me dead tired and badly need to relax and dip my feet into a vat of ice. Calgary is living up to its name and has absolutely caught fire....

Northwest Check - "Swift As A Coursing River" Edition


I'm really starting to respect Calgary for their consistency. As a fan of a team whose season has been a roller coaster from the very beginning, the Flames must be really easy to root for. They've...

Northwest Check - "With The Force of a Great Typhoon" Edition


I'll level with you. I'm pissed off about the egg the Avalanche laid against Columbus last night so I'm going to keep this brief so looking at the standings doesn't cause my hair to catch on fire...

Northwest Check - "Everyone Keeps Hanging Around" Edition


I hate this division. Nobody represents my disdain for the frustration of separation from the pack better than the Calgary Flames, who finally got around to losing...sort of. Sure they got...

Northwest Check - "I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost" Edition


Northwest Check - "I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost" Edition

Northwest Check - "Here We Go Again" Edition


Northwest Check - "Here We Go Again" Edition

Northwest Check - "Bare Bones" Edition


Apologies in advance for the much, much shorter NWC this week but I've been battling Pyelonephritis all week and haven't been able to watch any hockey. Calgary continues to be just good enough to...


Northwest Check - "A Week's Worth of Nothing" Edition


What a difference a week can make, right? Colorado came back to Earth last week against some pretty good hockey clubs and only managed to scrape by with 3 of a possible 8 points, scoring just 3...

Northwest Check - "Urface is Regressing" Edition


Writing this column every week is always a lot more fun when the Avalanche are winning and the other teams in the division that I care about are really struggling. It likely won't last too much...

Northwest Check -"lol Later 2011" Edition


Holy balls what a week in the NHL. Lots of movement in the standings on a daily basis and the regression bug continued to nestle happily in Minnesota, infuriating their fan base and delighting...

Northwest Check - "Heehaw Seesaw" Edition


Winning is kind of cool. Sadly, due to the curse of this column (uhh..don't go look that up) and the upcoming matchup against the impossible-to-beat Minnesota Wild, I sure hope Avs fans everywhere...

Northwest Check - "Wild Living Up To Their Name" Edition


Yo. It's been two weeks since I last rolled this sucker out so let's get back in the swing of things. While I currently ignore the Avs latest meltdown, this time at the hands of the hosting Sharks,...

Northwest Check - "Brace Yourselves" Edition


Ahhh. A lot more fun to write these when things go relatively well for the Avalanche. While the rest of the division enjoyed predominantly solid weeks themselves, the Avs certainly didn't hurt...

Northwest Check - "No Clever Title This Week" Edition


Something about small town Kansas just makes a brotha want to write about hockey, you know? It's quiet out here in a place where hockey is a complete unknown. Why shouldn't Kansas City get a team?...

Northwest Check - "Dat Is A Sweet Earth" Edition


Title says it all, really (especially if you get the reference). The Minnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers are experiencing a bit of a return to Earth as their otherworldly goaltending starts to do...

Northwest Check - "SoCal Swings" Edition


A busy week with a lot of topsy-turvy results for the still-competitive Northwest Division. The surprise duo at the top of the division are leading the NHL in the all-important Goals Against...

Northwest Check - "First Place Was Fun While It Lasted" Edition


Reality can kind of suck sometimes. Luckily, we're only about 12% of the way through the regular season so reality is still kind of an unknown at this point. Is Edmonton really THIS good? I know I...

Northwest Check - "Yeaaaaaaaaaahhh!" Edition


Awwwwwwwwww yeah! We're back and rollin. I actually had written the majority of last week's Northwest Check but a surprising amount of work and an intrusion of cute chicks kept me from pumping out...

Northwest Check - Vancouver Canucks Off-Season Review


I'm still sick so for the second day in a row I'm going to save you all from listening to me ramble and make stuff up to fill as much space as possible before the jump and make the picture look...

Northwest Check - Minnesota Wild Off-Season Review


I'm pretty sick so today's review of the Minnesota Wild's off-season is going to be drenched in relative brevity. It was an intriguing off-season for the Wild as they traded a bunch of their good...

Northwest Check - Edmonton Oilers Off-Season Review


Day 2 of the Off-Season Reviews of our Northwest Division brethren takes us to the Canadian wasteland that is Edmonton. A team in a full-blown rebuild, the Oilers finished at the bottom of the NHL...

Northwest Check - Calgary Flames Off-Season Review


  And we're back! The long summer, The Big Trade Part 2, the drafting of great intangibles, the extremely exciting signing of Chuck Kobasew (he was only bad because he was in Minnesota, right?...

Northwest Check - "Majoring In The Minors" Edition


And we're back! After a week off trying to decide exactly what the hell I was going to do in this space the off-season, I glanced at the NHL/AHL playoff brackets and had a good laugh. The Northwest...

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