Northwest Check

Northwest Check - "The End is Nigh" Edition


Welp. That was...something. Fun for a while, frustrating for a lot of it, but nobody can take away that it was All About the A for 100% of it. A lot of memories were forged from this season of...

Northwest Check - "Around the Bend They Come" Edition


April Fool's Day, AKA the worst day ever to be gullible and have an internet connection, thankfully came and went with me only getting caught buying into something once (I hate you, IGN) and...

Northwest Check - "umad cuz ubad?" Edition


For the love of Roy this was a busy week in Avalancheland. Maybe it just felt that way because I was taking such an active role in things around here but signing our 4 top unsigned prospects and...

Northwest Check - "When Winning Screws Everything Up" Edition


In a trend I fully expect to continue as this season drags on, our beloved Avalanche again failed to meet our expectations as they daringly won a game, putting our quest for the top pick in grave...

Northwest Check - "Mad Scientist" Edition


I'll admit it. I completely forgot to write this. I remembered about an hour ago when a friend jokingly asked "Hey is it Tuesday?" and alarms started going off in my brain. Somehow an article that...

Northwest Check - "This Team Makes Me Sad" Edition

33 at a loss for words. Some of you who know me outside the MHH realm may not believe that's true. What else can I say about this team the MHH faithful hasn't already? I typically do...

Northwest Check - "We Really Are Bad" Edition


I'm writing this while listening to the IEM World Championships, which is a massive pro gaming tournament in Germany. They aren't speaking English but I can promise you that whatever is happening...

Northwest Check - "Still Flying Blind" Edition


Isn't it awesome how I somehow manage to make this about ME instead of the Avalanche? Don't you scoff at me,  Dan Winkler. So as some of you know, I've been on a little vacation and really my only...

Northwest Check - "Nobody's Going to Read This" Edition


We're bad. The Avalanche, I mean. I say 'we' because a disgusting portion of my life is devoted to them. I wore their gear to the airport on my way to Tennessee for a 10 day vacation from the...

Northwest Check - When the Offense Forgot to Score


So right now the Avs are playing frustrating hockey. We seem to be a pretty good hockey team caught between having nearly every bounce go against you and coming up against goalies with their...

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