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Open Thread: MHH Week in Review 7/19/14


Hard to get a fix on what was mainly on the minds of the MHH faithful this week, I guess you could say the O'Reilly arbitration case edged out everything else the same way the Donks got edged out...

Avalanche Free Agency Open Thread 7/1/2014


Happy Canada Day everyone! Today's the day we've been waiting for. Coverage begins at 11:00 EDT on NHLN in the US. Go!

GDT: Avalanche at the 2014 NHL Draft - Day 2


Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche staff continues to add the fine fellows of the future today in rounds 2 through 7. Barring trades, the Avs will be selecting 84th in the 3...

GDT: Avalanche at the 2014 NHL Draft


Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche management staff are in the City of Brotherly Love tonight and tomorrow to stock the organization full of mind-blowing talent. The Avs...

2014 Playoffs: Weekend Thread 5/17-18


Greetings all. Still plenty of exciting hockey this weekend, although the idiots at NBC think that people have nothing better to do during beautiful Spring weather than sit inside and watch sports...

2014 Playoffs: Weekend Thread 5/10-11


Hey there folks. Still plenty of delicious hockey for all to enjoy on this lovely Spring weekend. Start with some international play... 1:30pm ET - USA vs SWI from the IIHF World Championships...

2014 Playoffs: Weekend Thread 5/3-4


Good day all. The Quest for the Cup continues this weekend with these thrilling matchups: Saturday 12:30pm ET - MON @ BOS on regular NBC, Habs lead 1-0 8:00pm ET - LAK @ ANA on NBCSN, Game One S...

2014 Playoffs: Sunday Open Thread


Welp, after last night's heroics by the boys in burgundy and blue I doubt other games could be anywhere near as interesting, but we watch #BecauseItstheCup anyway. Today's docket includes the...

2014 Playoffs: Saturday Open Thread


Other than the beloved Avalanche's big game tonight, we have several other intriguing hockey matchups for your enjoyment including the possible commencement of golf time for our friends from...

2014 Playoffs: Friday Night Open Thread


Greetings all. While our beloved Avalanche work late into the night on a new plan of attack, we can certainly enjoy hockey from these other fine franchises: 7:00pm ET - NYR @ PHI on CNBC, Rags...


2014 Playoffs: Tuesday Night Open Thread


For those that need something to take their minds off last night's horror show, the NHL has these tremendous offerings to salve your wounds: 7:00pm ET TBL @ MON on NHLN, Tampa is the first team...

2014 Playoffs: Easter Sunday Open Thread


In case you need to avoid family members this holiday afternoon and evening, the NBC family of networks has some delicious Stanley Cup Playoff hockey for your enjoyment. 12:00pm ET - PHI @ NYR on...

Playoffs: Friday Night Open Thread


Your wonderful NHL hockey matchups tonight are: MTL @ TBL 7:00pm ET on CNBC det @ BOS 7:30pm ET on NBCSN DAL @ ANA 10:00pm ET on NBCSN Enjoy, another big game tomorrow!

2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 1 Open Thread


Good evening all. The quest for the cup begins tonight with these fabulous matchups: MTL @ TBL 7:00pm ET on CNBC CBJ @ PIT 7:30pm ET on NBCSN DAL @ ANA 10:00pm ET on NBCSN Big game tomorrow....

Ducks at Avs: Live Thread Part 2


Part deux. Hopefully our boys are winning.

Ducks at Avs: Live Thread Part 1


Okay you rabid sons of bitches, there's something to talk about! Keep it clean. Threads for each period will be scheduled. Don't yell if they're early or late. Just be happy they're there.

PLAYOFFS??? (live thread)


It's the most wonderful time of the year When there's playoff beards growing And everyone knowing We'll see Canuck tears! It's the most, wonderful time, of, the year........!

Monsters/Rampage, Cutthroats/Sundogs Live Thread


Chat with us for a while

Monsters, Cutthroats in action Fri and Sat


Some Avs-lite action going on this weekend. Chat away!


Welcome back, boys!

Gabriel Landeskog is captain. Adam Foote's number is being raised to the rafters. What a night for hockey! oh. wait.

What did Donnelly do?


As I'm sure you've all heard by now, Dillon Donnelly had a little accident with the Memorial Cup. What hasn't come out is exactly how he did it. Well, there's the official story by Dillon: "...

MHH Open Thread: Free Agency Frenzy Day Two

Sutrisegate continues today. Both players have indicated that they *might* make their decisions today. Rumors abound that Semin and Carle are waiting on Suter and Parise to make their decisions....

MHH Open Thread: Free Agency Frenzy II


By request, here's a new thread to continue the chatter. First thread:

MHH Open Thread: Free Agency Frenzy

New Thread for overflow: will be streaming the TSN feed: h...

2012 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread, Day 2: Rounds 2-7


Aight. Now we got something to watch. The Avs have 5 picks--Nos. 41, 72, 132, 162 and 192--coming up today, unless of course they do some tradin'. I wouldn't hold your breath, but you never know. B...

2012 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread


Okay, so it's not nearly as exciting this year as it was last year. I mean, last year we had the 2nd and 11th overall picks to discuss that first night. We also had this. But there's still some...

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