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Icon_medium In 2007, Joe Dunman left his Dear Lord Stanley blog behind to found Mile High Hockey. Under his guidance, MHH quickly grew to become the premiere Colorado Avalanche community on the internet. Although real-world duties have cut into his writing time here, his sarcastic wit and sense of community are fully woven into the fabric of the site.
David Driscoll-Carignan first started blogging about the Avalanche at inthecheapseats.com back in 2006. A contributor to MHH since its inception, DDC joined Mile High Hockey on a full-time basis in the fall of 2008.  He is sometimes referred to as "Red Wing Dave" because of his shameless propensity to pick Red Wings players for his fantasy hockey teams. 
Mike @ MHH used to blog for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge which, we think, is French for something. He's been with MHH since the beginning - which is fortunate, given his username. Mike is an amateur goalie and his material often covers goaltending...when he's not writing about Arby's sandwiches, of course.
Angélique Murray joined Mile High Hockey in April of 2009. She is renowned for her coverage of Avalanche prospects over at her Colorado Avalanche Prospects blog as well as on the Avalanche section of HFboards. And she looks nothing like the picture to the left.
Derek B. joined Mile High Hockey in January of 2010, having previously written for the Dallas Stars blog Defending Big D. Derek puts in some yeomanlike work both here and for in real-life gig with the United States Navy. Okay, that's lame even by MHH standards. See, he IS a Yeoman in the Navy and, well...oh, forget it.
Colorado University student Dustin Burfiend is the youngest member of the Mile High staff and also, arguably, the most crotchety. We would advise getting off his damn lawn. Now.
Geez, Paul's Coffey sure got a lot of mileage out of that Young Guns photoshop, didn't he? Paul (his friends call him "Brett"...but you're not his friend) joined us in January of 2010 along with Dustin and Derek. Anyway, he's some sort of Hollywood type and thinks that the term "Lord Stanley" refers to Kubrick.
Sandie joined us to be a Game Thread Sheriff, but quickly became a full-fledged writer at MHH. She's best known for her Cupcakes (Daily and otherwise) and her strange fascination with Daniel Winnik.

Beachie has had more MHH aliases than a Tennessee con man.  She's one of the more prolific writers among the large list of slackers on our staff. Her Checking Out series has been extremely popular. You can also see her body of work at her own blog, Avalanche Breakaway

SlamDunkTheFunk has as many MHH nicknames as Beachie has aliases. His weeekly Northwest Check is a must-read and will continue to be that way until the Avalanche are moved out of the NW division. At any given moment, odds are good that AJ is a) playing a video game b) commenting in one of our epic game threads or c) desperately behind on sleep. Actually, it's usually all three.

Chris "UZ" White is the managing editor of Burgundy Wave a blog devoted to the Colorado Rapids. (They play soccer - it's like hockey without sticks). But, we still like him anyway.

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