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New Positions for Old Favorites


Some new titles for old members. Huh huh, members...



it's time to refresh our memories about some of the basic understandings with which you should approach MHH

As One Era Begins, Another One Comes To An End


The Colorado Avalanche have recently entered what we all hope is an exciting new era. Joe Sakic will have a more active role in the front office, Patrick Roy will be taking over behind the bench...

The 2012 MHH Verbosity Awards


I actually didn't know that verbosity was a real word until I typed it and an underline didn't appear. And here I thought I was being cute and creating some new catchy internet word. Oh well. I...

Checking out the new MHH Logo


So, remember a year ago when we had a big contest to replace our old logo? And we ended up with some really cool ideas and then combined them into one, smokin' kick ass logo? Funny story: turns...

Help Fill Out MHH's Glossary and Nicknames Lists.


Sadly another Avalanche season ended too soon, and we are left with a lengthy summer to complain about the heat. The best way to beat the heat? Hang out in a hockey arena - but if you aren't...

MHH Announces Post-Deadline Acquisitions


Prepare the giant masthead jokes, as Mile High Hockey has added on four new writers today, all of whom should be familiar to even casual MHH readers. Effective immediately, seancolorado, SteveHouse,...

Ask the MHH expert.


Writers of MileHighHockey often get asked questions related to hockey. We have watched the replays, and if we don't know the answers we are more than willing to help out a fellow hockey fan and...

Mile High Hockey hits the airwaves again


This is tonight, folks. Hope you can tune in! UPDATE: Peter McNab will be on Mac and Doog immediately following my segment with Doctor Hockey. MHH regular Doctor Hockey graciously invited me to...

MHH + iPhone = More Betterer


As the world's sole remaining person without a cell phone, I am pleased to make the following announcement. The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1  is now available in the App Store!  SB Nation listened...


Fantasy Hockey- Save the Dates Update


Reminder that the Yahoo H2H draft is tonight (Sunday)...   Finally, it's that time of year. The preseaon is in full swing and opening night is just over a week away. T'is the perfect time to get...

Fantasy Hockey! Save the Dates


  Alright folks, it's time to choose the times that work best for everyone. There are lots of options to choose from, please pick the league you are in and then the times that work best. For all...

Fantasy Hockey.


Alright boys and girls, it's that time of year again, thank goodness, hockey season is about to begin at that means it's fantasy hockey time. We'll be running three leagues to start, if we need a...

Fantasy Hockey- Mile High Hockey Style!


In a few weeks, the Avs will be raising Peter Forsberg's number to begin a new season. Although it seems like a long time, I'm hoping it goes by quickly. Like last year, MHH will have a fantasy...

MHH: Now With Even More Tanking


    In a blatant, last-ditch attempt to to try to improve my final grade, I am please to announce that we have figured out a way to squeeze one more name - andidee15 - on our obnoxiously large...

I need your help with the Nicknames and Glossary pages


It was pointed out on Monday that the Nickname and Glossary terms are slightly archaic as DDC's age must have caught up to him so I asked him about it. After getting yelled at to "Get off...

And One More...


We're pleased to announce that one more writer will be joining us here at Mile High Hockey. Chris "UZ" White is the  managing editor of Burgundy Wave, which I'm told is about soccer or something...



You might call him Bubblegum. You might call him Bubs. You might him SlamDunkTheFunk. You might even call him AJ. Now, you can also call him a writer for Mile High Hockey. I am very pleased to...



I hope everyone is sitting down and has some great Top 19 of All Time jokes ready. I have the next couple of days off and plan to update some of the neglected areas of the site. I plan to update...

New SBN Blog: Burgundy Wave


We stopped welcoming new SBN blogs here somewhere back in the Esienhower administration, but we did want to break from that habit to welcome the newest member to SBNation: Burgundy Wave. The B-Wave...

Hello From Under The Pacific Ocean


Dear MHH Readers,Derek here, I'm a couple hundred feet under the Pacific Ocean right now and just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm definitely pretty jealous that all of you are able to watch...

Site Tweaks


As part of our summer beautification program, we've added some garish, cartoony buttons over on the left hand side. Hopefully, this will help ease navigation a little for things like the glossary...

MHH's Top Commenters!


Some 2009 site statistics for MHH!

A New Look For SBN Blogs


Your eyes are not deceiving you.  MHH and all other SBN blogs have undergone an aesthetic overhaul. You'll notice many things look different, and many things seem out of place.  Also, you'll notice...

Psst - How about those empty seats down by the glass?


I've been trying to find the right words for this post all day, and I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to say. As many of you know, I've been contributing part time at Mile High Hockey since...

The new ITCS game report


Last year, I introduced a game report that included the Avalanche lines and shift charts. Honestly, my programming skills were (are) such that I was pretty happy with what I came up with. But, it...

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