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I'm doing it wrong


Hits for my summary of day one of the Avs' rookie camp: 107 Hits for my link to NHL 3rd Jersey news: 2,316...and counting. So, effective today, I'm dropping all coverage of the Avalanche and...

Grades are done


That's it. We've gone from Skrastins to Smyth over the last two months, and now the grades are in for all 32 players to play for the Avalanche in 2007-2008 (except for Tyler Weiman). I took a much...

Out of the office


It's a critical time for the Colorado Avalanche. In an example of not-so-perfect timing, I will be in the Caribbean for the next few days. While I am more than excited to be going, I'm kind of...

Holiday schedule


Due to the holiday, I won't have any notes or recap for tonight's Ranger game. It's doubtful that I'll even get a chance to watch it, which bums me out a bit (especially after watching Marian...



Apparently, it's that time again. The Cheap Seats have a fresh coat of paint. There's still some areas that I'm playing around with (and, remember, I'm not all that swift with this stuff). I think...

Minor Renovations


Astute readers (we have those?) may have noticed some minor alterations to the site - most of them involving the sidebars to the right. I'm still going to be tweaking stuff a little bit, but if you...

I can see for Miles and Miles


The Avosphere has expanded a little bit more today. SportsBlogs Nation has started to expand into the world of hockey, and Joe from Dear Lord Stanley has been tagged to helm an Avalanche blog....

Fresh paint jobs for the cheap seats


I have finally gotten around to updating the look of the place. I think the new theme is easier on the eyes and provides for better navigation. Any issues or comments, please let me know. I'll be...

Short hiatus...


Between getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and a trip to Boston next week, you probably won't see any recaps for the next 3 or 4 games. I'll have web access, but won't have time for the full...

Happy Holidays from the cheap seats


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. I don't expect to do a recap of Saturday's game against Chicago, although I may have time to update stats Sunday morning. Otherwise,...

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