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If Gabe does not win the Calder Trophy today, awarded "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League", then I'm calling for a galactic rebellion. And I call him LANDO, not Landy. Even though I'm someone sometimes called "Andy". He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him.

USA, Canada both blow late leads at IIHF Quarters, sent packing.


Well, at least Paul Stastny was named USA's top forward, 3g6a, and totally dominated the faceoff circle. Thanks JIMMY HOWARD, always.

Not the kind of press we're looking for


Please people, have a little self-respect. This is the worst jersey foul ever! This guy is obviously one of those Detroit transplants.

Durno signs w/ Tampa


TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed left-winger Chris Durno to a one-year contract. The six-foot-four 205-pounder had four goals and eight points in 41 games with the Colorado Avalanche last season. He played 43 games with the Avs the previous two seasons. ................................... rest at the link

Five reasons why Avalanche blogger Tapeleg loves hockey


This guy loves hockey for all the same reasons I do.

Say hello to Tavares/Duchene and goodbye to Wolski?


Dater thinks so. He also says that trading Svatos would be another possibility. Thoughts?

Dater on Sakic at Versus


What's the word for an outlook that has gotten worse than "bleak," I wonder. I suppose Dater didn't get the memo about Happy Hockey Day.

Help Super Joe Put Lidstrom Away For Good!


There's only one day left to vote, and Joe Sakic has taken a commanding lead over Nicklas Lidstrom in the final round of Going Five Hole's Best Captain In The NHL Tournament. If you haven't voted yet, get over there and put the Wings away. With Sakic's recent back injury and the Avs' awful play last night, it's about the only thing we Avs fans have going for us.

Dater Reporting SoS Signs Extension


On his blog. No other details available as of now. Update: 5 years, 33 million. $6.6M per year. Seems like a decent deal as long as he continues to play at the level he has and develops further.

Sakic To Miss Entire Road Trip


Joe Sakic won't travel to play in Calgary tomorrow, the team opting instead to rest him until Thursday's rematch against the Flames.

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