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Game 27: Avalanche 5, Canucks 4 (SO)


It didn't start out very promising, but in the end, the Avalanche pulled out a shootout win over the Canucks, 5-4. The Avs have now won 8 in a row against Vancouver; the Canucks last beat the...

Game 15: Avalanche 2, Canucks 1 (SO)


Peter Budaj led the Colorado Avalanche to a 2-1 shootout victory over Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks.

Canucks Fans Aren't All Bad


I really have to tip my hat to Alanah at Canucks And Beyond.  Very nice work.Sorry your team missed the playoffs.  Don't blame Roberto's kid.

Game 81: Avalanche 4, Canucks 2


PLAYOFFS?  PLAYOFFS?!! photo courtesy of Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press Follow the formula: the Avs give up cheap goals to the Canucks to start the game, and start the second period with a...

Game 81: Avalanche At Canucks, Oh My God This Is Important


Sorry about the title of this post, I got a little caught up in the excitement.First of all, Forsberg is reportedly "probable," according to this article by Terry Frei about why Coach Q hates Ryan...

Game 78: Avalanche 6, Canucks 3


Sometimes it's okay to change up an offensive line combination.  When one player is clearly having a very bad game (Ryan Smyth), and another looks really good (Peter Forsberg), it's okay to switch...

Game 78: Canucks At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread


For those of you living in a cave, this game is important.  Critical.  Win-or-die-trying critical.  A win tonight moves the Avs out of eighth place in the West and into seventh, and a much better...

Game 67: Avalanche 2, Canucks 1


photo courtesy of David Zalubowski/AP The Avs absolutely had to win last night against the Canucks, and they did.  It wasn't flashy or all that impressive of a win, but it meant two points in...

Game 67: Kings At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread


Good lord this game is important.  First of all, the Canucks and the Avalanche are tied at 74 points, with Vancouver's superior win percentage giving them seventh place in the Western Conference...

Game 65: Avalanche 3, Canucks 2 (SO)


It seems as though the Colorado Avalanche think a hockey game is naturally 65 minutes long instead of 60, because they've been playing for overtime pretty consistently.  The good news is that...

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