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How should the Avalanche improve their defense?

As every Avalanche fan knows our defense is brutal. We need more high-end defensemen that can play consistently every night. There are a few ways that we can fix the problem. One is via trade; we...


How will the new realignment affect the Avalanche?

The NHL has a new realignment coming in affect, and this probably is leaving many of the Avalanche fans wondering how it will affect our team. The Avalanche are currently in the northwest division...


What should the Colorado Avalanche do with the first overall pick?

As we all very well know the Avalanche have won the NHL draft lottery and hold the first overall pick. The big question is what should we do with that pick? For most of the season, many believed...


An Open Letter To Patrick Roy: Save Us, Again.

Dear, M. Roy, On behalf of the Colorado Avalanche fan base, I would personally like to welcome you back to Colorado, and to the Avalanche family. A lot has transpired in your ten year absence,...


A Thread Entitled: Wheres All the Varly Noise??

this is gonna be short because im hoping for most of the discussion in the thread below. after the year of professional ice hockey Semyon Varlamov has had in 2012, my mouth watered at all the...

The 2013 Colorado Avalanche Schedule is released


Come see what games the 2013 has in stock for the Colorado Avalanche.


SCHWAB: A Cutthroat's Tale

due to underwhelming unpopular demand, i shall now continue my series on players for the new hockey club in the mile high city. you know who im talking about, and if you dont, then shame on you. of...

Vokoun wants to play for Avs?


Tomas Vokoun openly states he would like to play for Avs and that he believes they can go on a decent cup run.


Metro State Hockey presents: Colorado Avalanche HALF PRICE TICKETS (there are 4 games to choose from) !NO tax or fees! ONLY $20

For those who don't know, Metropolitan State College of Denver has a men's ice hockey team which competes in the ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association) Division ll. The Roadrunners season...

Hendricks a Cap


Our dear old friend Matt Hendricks landed himself a one-year deal with the Caps. I'm going to remain in the bitter barn.

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