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Terry Frei's Correctness Cannot Be Contained


Denver Post writer Terry Frei continues his excellent analysis of the problems facing the Colorado Avalanche this season.

Dater's Recipe For NHL Success


Puck Daddy hit up Drafty's boyfriend for five suggestions on how to improve the NHL as  part of a series Greg Dubs is doing over at his Yahoo hockey empire. As far as the suggestions go, they're...

Red Wings Actually Quite Easy To Dislike


I'm not sure what the purpose was, but Terry Frei posted a piece on Saturday at the Denver Post that made my teeth hurt: Can anyone really muster genuine enmity for this Red Wings team? Yes,...

The Ax Rarely Falls In Denver, For What It's Worth


Jim Armstrong at the Denver Post looks at the strange coaching atmosphere in Denver professional sports in that it's almost impossible for anyone to get fired: Denver has become the exception...

The "Nameless Goalie" Rule And A Comment On Diving


I've got a lot to write about today, so bear with me.The Nameless Goalie RuleI know it's confusing a few people, so I'll try to clarify this blog's rule on mentioning the Avalanche goalie's name...

The Rabble Rouser: An Interview With Adrian Dater


Adrian Dater, Avalanche beat writer for the Denver Post, has recently caused some minor controversy in the hockey blog world with some very candid, critical comments about Todd Bertuzzi, Dion...

Francois Giguere is Okay I Guess


Ken Campbell at the Hockey News ranks the general managers: Francois Giguere, Colorado Giguere inherited a franchise on the decline more than a year ago and while he hasn’t exactly vaulted it...

Roys Will Be Roys (Wah Wah Wah)


It's been a few days, and the story is starting to fade, but I figured I'd post a quick summary of what the Denver hockey writers have said about the whole Patrick Roy/Jonathan Roy brawl. The...

Pests, Punks and Being Phadouche


I really have to hand it to Adrian Dater this season.  His blog All Things Avs (though it's more of an online journal, which is different than a blog) has been quite the Blender Of Feces.  His...

The Avalanche Rosetta Stone


In my last post, a recap of the 7-5 loss to Edmonton, I went out on a limb and tried to translate a seemingly innocent statement by Joe Sakic---that the team wasn't prepared to play Edmonton---to...

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