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Take em or leave em, hopefully it'll be food for thought.  Warning: critical nostalgia ahead...   32-44-5 with 69 points In 2001-2002 we were 45-28-8-1 with 99 points and the fewest goals...

Larry the Goalie is Public Enemy #1


Words can't describe how vehemently I disagree with this guy. Props to StructuralPoke for sending me this to start my day. With friends like him, I'll die when somebody stabs me in the face with a dull knife...

There Is No Goalie Controversy


There is no controversy.  Jose Theodore has gone 28-36 (saves-shots) against Detroit.  Peter Budaj has gone 39-40.  Peter Budaj is clearly the better goalie at this moment and should start game 3,...

The "Nameless Goalie" Rule And A Comment On Diving


I've got a lot to write about today, so bear with me.The Nameless Goalie RuleI know it's confusing a few people, so I'll try to clarify this blog's rule on mentioning the Avalanche goalie's name...

Do It For Ned Flanders


The current tournament over at NHL Logos is between goalies for the best mask.  Peter Budaj is facing Henrik Lundqvist in the first round and it's super close.  Too close.  As of this posting,...

A Better Way To Pick A Starting Goalie


With Peter Budaj getting the start in net last night for no good reason other than he must have stopped sleeping with Coach Q's wife, some of us may have wondered if a win against the Ducks would...

Glove Hand Comments


A comment by the infamous "Thomas the Enforcer" over at ITCS got me to thinking.His contention that the "book" on every goalie, at least in the shootout was to go high-glove for a high-percentage...

Goaltenders...By The Numbers


Here's a look at the numbers put up so far from Joel Quenneville's favorite position: the goalie. Note that all these stats are tabulated by hand (well, with Excel), so there may be some minor...

The Goalie Carousel Gets Going Again


Coach Quenneville has his strengths and his weaknesses.  One of his most glaring weaknesses has always been his complete failure to understand and/or care about goaltenders.  He is notorious for...

Bryzgalov Revisited


A couple of weeks ago I promoted a great diary entry that advocated the trade of Avalanche goalie Peter Budaj for Ducks backup Ilya Bryzgalov.  While I didn't agree with the trade idea, the post...

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