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Who's going down tonight?

The Real Extent Of The Injuries


On the Coach Q show this morning, it was reported that Peter Forsberg suffered two torn groin muscles (there's one on each side for you non-medical students), Wojtek Wolski suffered five broken...

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week...


...to watch playoff hockey.  Or to be an Avs fan.At this point, with the Avs down three games to none, crippled by a constant string of injuries and a starting goalie who can now officially be...

Stastny Out With Another Groin Pull


Sure enough, Paul Stastny left the game last night with what the Rocky Mountain News calls a "slight" groin pull.  [ADDENDUM: I think it's worth noting that intrepid MHH member Bob in Boulder...

Call The Doctors, Stat!


I want to make a quick post about the Avalanche medical team before we let things go too far when it comes to criticism.I have to admit, we've given the medical team a lot of grief this season,...

Svatos Out For The Season, Smyth Indefinitely


This is about how I feel right now... This just in:  Marek Svatos has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season.  Ryan Smyth has the double whammy of a concussion and a shoulder...

The Avs Are Officially Cursed


The possibly major injuries to both Marek Svatos and Ryan Smyth on Saturday night are just two in a growing pile of physical catastrophes that have faced the Colorado Avalanche this season.But...

What's Bad For The Clark Is Good For The Skrastins


So Brett Clark, love him or hate him, won't be back in the Avalanche lineup for a while.  That leaves a spot open for somebody to fill.  Since Karlis Skrastins isn't doing anything at the...

Clark Out, Smyth In, Stastny Delayed


From the Post: As one key Avalanche player today prepared to return to the lineup, another was ruled out indefinitely. Defenseman Brett Clark suffered a dislocated shoulder in the second period of...

Son Of Stastny Out For 2-3 Weeks


Wouldn't you know it, the injury curse continues for the Avalanche. Paul Stastny started experiencing pain in his abdomen, and tests revealed a sick appendix.  He'll require surgery and will...

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