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Joe Sakic Out Six (More) Weeks


Joe Sakic will miss at least six weeks as he seeks treatment for a herniated disc in his back, the second major injury he's suffered in as many seasons.

He's Finally Going To Play


That's right, folks. After some very anxious anticipation, it sounds like we will finally get to see our beloved heart and soul on the ice. Yes, it's true...Daniel Tjarnqvist is expected to make...

Not Even Close: Joe Sakic Is The Best Captain In The NHL


Joe Sakic wins the Going Five Hole Best Captain In The NHL poll by a wide margin over Nicklas Lidstrom.

Still No Joe


The Rocky Mountain News is reporting what many of us have assumed: Sakic won't be playing on Thursday. He is skating though, and, per the article, expects to play against Los Angeles or Anaheim...

They've Gone Too Favre


The Associated Press informs us, complete with shocking headline, that had the Avalanche put pressure on Joe Sakic to quickly decide his future plans, he probably would have retired right then and...

Joe Is Back, But The Narrative Hasn't Changed


So Super Joe is back, a year older and $6 million richer.  Even at 39, he's a formidable top line center, an inspiring veteran presence, and his wrister is still plenty twisted.  I have...

What You Could Be Paying For


ESPN.com has a little scam called "Insider," an increased level of access to the site that you have to pay a monthly fee to get.  What does this "Insider" deal give you access to?  Well, for one,...

Joe Sakic To Speak During Democratic Convention


Technically, the headline is true.  Terry Frei informs us that Super Joe will indeed hold a press conference of some sort on Thursday (August 28th) at his charity golf tournament at Sanctuary in...

Fun with Frei


Terry Frei's latest 'article' on Sakic and his timeline for re-upping or retiring is now littering the intrawebs.  I'm still seeing red over this one.  It doesn't make any sense.  He uses shady...

The Free Agency Countdown Begins


The Avs got the free agency period going (which officially begins tomorrow morning but some have gotten a jump on it) by taking two defensemen off the market.  John-Michael Liles and Adam Foote...

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