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Coach Q at it again?

3 goals in 4:22 minutes, and you expect me to believe that Khabibulin wasn't pulled?  He was sick, a lower-body injury??  Where have we heard that excuse before? He has played the entire playoffs...

Bits And Pieces (Of Bone Probably)


I figured I'd toss out a quick post as the week gets started, just to cover some of the latest developments over the weekend. First of all, the kids are already looking vulnerable, but don't...

Odd Men Out


One thing is kind of strange about this off-season: all three former Colorado Avalanche coaches are currently unemployed.  Bob Hartley, Marc Crawford, and Joel Quenneville are all without an NHL...

San Jose Says No To Coach Q, Yes To McLellan


Looks like Joel Quenneville got beat by the Wings again.  This time, it was by former Red Wings assistant coach Todd McLellan, who was offered and accepted the position of San Jose Sharks head...

The Coach Q Era Is Officially Over


This is no April Fools Day joke.The Avalanche web site just announced that Coach Joel Quenneville will not receive a new contract from Colorado: The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club announced today...


Kittens of the World Rejoice!

Avalanche fans' long nightmare has ended: Quenneville has left the team.I can only imagine the feelings of all of the kittens that will no longer have to cower in fear at the prospect of another...

Giguere Flies To Worlds, Maybe To Woo Burns


And no, I didn't say "Boo-urns."This little bit from Rick Sadowski over at the RMN wasn't posted until late yesterday afternoon so I didn't get a chance to link to it, but it's definitely becoming...

Coach Q Keeps Losing Rooms


When a coach loses the respect of his players and they start tuning him out, willfully ignoring his commands and decisions, it is said that he has "lost the room."  Well, Coach Q lost the biggest...

Hmmm, Interesting...


For those of you who hadn't heard yet, the Toronto Maple Leafs fired their coach Paul Maurice today.  Now, on its face, it wouldn't seem to have much of an impact on the Colorado Avalanche.But it...

Goalie Thoughts


I'll preface this by saying I didn't see Games 1 or 2 due to work deadlines and moving into our new house.  That being said, I'm 50-50 on the goaltending situation going into Game 3.The way I see...

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