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Given the Alternatives...


DP reporter Adrian Dater's continued Budaj-bashing misses the point entirely...

You Cannot Resist The Logic Of Pierre LeBrun


Canadian Press writer Pierre LeBrun has a blog/column at ESPN.com.  In it, he responds to reader emails that usually vary in quality between moderately uninformed to persistently retarded.  Such is...

Fun With Tables!


AGE GP MIN W L T/OT PTS PTS% SO GA GAA SOG SV SV% 25 126 6914 61 36 16 138 0.603 5 311 2.703 3212 2901 0.903 31 129 7186 59 54 10 128 0...

They'll Be Back


Adrian Dater reports today that Jose Theodore is nearing a deal with the Colorado Avalanche to come back and be their number one goalie.  At least, that's what might happen, it seems, maybe. ...

Goalie Thoughts


I'll preface this by saying I didn't see Games 1 or 2 due to work deadlines and moving into our new house.  That being said, I'm 50-50 on the goaltending situation going into Game 3.The way I see...

A Better Way To Pick A Starting Goalie


With Peter Budaj getting the start in net last night for no good reason other than he must have stopped sleeping with Coach Q's wife, some of us may have wondered if a win against the Ducks would...



In a valiant effort to quantify something not quantifiable, USA Today has a widget to determine the 'clutch' players in this NHL season.No surprise, Alex Ovechkin is tops among skaters.  By a...

Are Liles' Days In Denver Numbered?


In case you're interested in paying for speculation and wild rumors (I'm not), you can check out the ESPN Insider post about the Hurricanes scouting John-Michael Liles. Or you can just read...

Glove Hand Comments


A comment by the infamous "Thomas the Enforcer" over at ITCS got me to thinking.His contention that the "book" on every goalie, at least in the shootout was to go high-glove for a high-percentage...

Theodore Channels Roy, Unfortunately


In last night's game against Florida, Jose Theodore made two separate stick-handling mistakes that nearly cost the Avalanche the game in regulation.  His flubs reminded me of the good ol' days when...

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