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Wild Third Jersey Leaked


Icethetics have of the new Wild alternates. These will be officially unveiled on August 30th and will make their on-ice debut against the Avs on October 21st.

Avs 3rd Jersey Leaked?


I wasn't 100% sure I was going to run this story yet, but a certain someone has prompted me to jump the gun a little bit. The above Photoshop mock-up has been floating around on both the HF boards...

NHL 3rd jersey news


The Avalanche are one of a handful of teams who will not go with a third jersey in 2008, which means we're stuck with just the fugly uniprons for at least one more year. Some of the other teams'...

The rest of the jerseys unveiled


EA Sports NHL '08 is out. It includes all the new jerseys, locked until all the jerseys are unveiled and EA releases an unlocking code. Of course, it was hacked in about 48 hours. Here's a site...

"Ugly" gets a new dictionary photo


Many years ago, it was a New York Islanders fan who introduced me to hockey. This was during the glory years of Bossy, Trottier, Potvin, Smith...that list could go on. While I never became much of...

Red Wings jerseys, Senators wordmark released


Another original 6 team has gotten it right. While the Predators and Panthers follow the credo that second-rate organizations deserve second-rate jerseys, the Red Wings are following the Bruins' t...

Kansas City unveils new jerseys


Ha ha, I'm so clever. Anywho, the Nashville Predators have unveiled their new unis. I don't quite get it. Why have 2 different logos? That doesn't really make sense to me. One has a wordmark, one...

New San Jose, Tampa Bay logos leaked


  New logos for the Sharks and Lightning have surfaced over at modsquadhockey. I wasn't going to post anything, but since the San Jose logos have shown up at Uni Watch, I guess it's okay for a...

New Columbus jerseys


The new Blue Jackets jerseys have been unveiled. Tapeleg at Jerseys and Hockey Love got to try one on and has some great photos (I had no idea Manny Malhotra was still around in the NHL). The...

Washington Capitals jerseys


The red (home) jerseys were leaked the other day. Today is the official unveiling, and now we can see the white (away) jerseys. Not bad. A bit...I don't know...soccerish, but it could have been...

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