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Adrian Peterson On Other Players

Minnesota's favorite running back; Adrian Peterson, did an "ask me anything"-session on Reddit. This is what he said about other NFL players: Who do you think is the best rookie RB prospect in the...


WAGNH Summer Shopping Spree - ChelseaEIRE

So I have £100m to spend and looking at the the half-way reliable rumours floating around, this could very well be the figure spent this summer. To decide where we need to strengthen we must first...

Moutinho Deal Highlights BatCountry Complications


I can honestly say that this article brought up more questions than were answered for me, really. I had no idea that clubs can sell pieces of their players to investors, and subsequently can control [or hold hostage, in this case] what the club does with the player from then on. This seems like the bottom of a really slippery slope.

Milan v Inter - Here Comes The BOOM!


Well here it is. The be all, end all of derby games. I can’t remember the last time we had a derby of such importance (maybe the UCL match of 2003?). Don’t buy into what everyone’s saying. This...

Siena v Inter: For All the Marbles


Well, here we are, the very last game of a hotly contested season. If Inter fail to win this game, they will fail to win the scudetto. Simple as that. We have it all in the in the palm of our...

Tactics talk


The season will resume from the international break this weekend and we here at Inter land have a chance to talk about something that we didn’t do very well last season and something that due to...

Inter 1- Bari 1


First game of the season and we start slow… as usual. Impressions? We need to figure out how to shoot on target and who has to cover where, when. Inter players of the match: Highlights after the...

Our story thus far...


Considering the fact that Inter doesn’t have another friendly until the SuperCup in China against Lazio on Saturday – a game that I hope we have the proper mentality to win – I would like to spare...

Training Day


Okay, I just wanted to take a step back from the Eto’o/Ibra thing. Yes, they are both big players. Yes, the money that is changing hands could feed my family for 20 years 10,000 years. Yes, they...

Lucio, Lucio, Wherefore Art Thou Lucio?


This week we welcome a new member of the Inter family, Lucimar Ferreira da Silva. That’s him down there. Lucio is currently the captain and starting centerback of the Brazilian National Team. He...

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