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A Stats Machine Likes Pickard and Hishon.


Puck Prospectus using their statistical formulae rates Pickard as a possible goalie with a 'Martin Brodeur' like career and the best prospect in the draft (!). Also, Joe(y) Hishon is ranked 12th by their system. More reasons for positivity...


Names To Remember For the Future

It seems that the rebuilding process has begun for our once dominate franchise. But fear not my fellow Avaholics! There could be some light at the end of this dark tunnel that we find ourselves in....


I Went To Rookie Camp On Monday

[Promoted from the FanPosts with a link added - Joe] So I went to rookie camp on Monday.  I quickly found Jori and proceeded to talk her ear off.  I should be no suprise that Jori has a real...

Supposedly There's A Rookie Camp Underway


The Avalanche rookie training camp started over the weekend, but you wouldn't really know much else if you only followed the big Denver newspapers.  Other than a brief announcement that camp was...

NHL Draft: Day Two


So the Avs did a little dealing to get an extra pick.  Brad Richardson got sent to the Kings for the 61st choice.  The Kings originally got that pick (the last of the second round) from Detroit, so...

NHL Draft: First Round Wrap-Up


Honestly, the draft picks weren't really the story yesterday in the NHL.  Steve Stamkos went to the Lightning as expected, while the Kings, Thrashers, Blues and Maple Leafs all went with defensemen...

Draft Day


The NHL Draft begins tonight, with the first round tonight and rounds two through seven tomorrow.  The first pick for the Avalanche will be number 50, in the middle of round two. Drafty has been...

Galiardi Signs, Coach Search Continues


Two bits of info today:The Avalanche announced the signing of forward prospect TJ Galiardi to a new contract (really, the Avs need two TJs?), but, as MHH member Jori reports at Avs Prospects, the...

Mid-Preseason Poll Time!!


photo courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty That's right, Colorado Crazies, it's time to gauge fan opinion on how the Avalanche newbies are doing so far this pre-season.  Specifically, which player has...

Lake Erie Roster Taking Shape


The AHL affiliate of the Avalanche, the Lake Erie Monsters, is starting to look like a team as Colorado continues to make pre-season cuts.As of today, the players assigned to Cleveland are (in no...

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