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Leoprone Owns Osgood: One More For The Road


Just in case anyone missed it the first time, Jordan Leopold, Colorado Avalanche defenseman, completely owned Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood on his first penalty shot of his career to win...

Game 30: Avalanche 3, Red Wings 2


It's always nice to receive unexpected gifts. My preview yesterday was not some bit of Lou Holtz manufactured anti-hype; I really thought the Avalanche were going to be toast against the Wings. I...

Help Super Joe Put Lidstrom Away For Good!


There's only one day left to vote, and Joe Sakic has taken a commanding lead over Nicklas Lidstrom in the final round of Going Five Hole's Best Captain In The NHL Tournament. If you haven't voted yet, get over there and put the Wings away. With Sakic's recent back injury and the Avs' awful play last night, it's about the only thing we Avs fans have going for us.

Behind the Blog: Mile High Hockey


Christy over at Winging It In Motown had the courage to interview me for her profile of fellow SBN bloggers. I tried to be nice, I promise.

Obama Just Lost Colorado


via farm4.static.flickr.com/dailykos On September 9th, it looked like Barack Obama had the Colorado vote all wrapped up when Sarah Palin went swaggering around holding a Red Wings jersey.  Sure...

Obama Just Won Colorado


Look, the last thing I want to do is insert my own political leanings into this community.  This is a hockey blog, not anything else.  My own views on the campaigns of John McCain and Barack...


Stay Classy, Detroit

In just another example of why Detroit should be bulldozed (completely, not just the inner city), I present to you this classy comment from an apparent Red Wangs fan over at Puck Daddy, in response...

San Jose Says No To Coach Q, Yes To McLellan


Looks like Joel Quenneville got beat by the Wings again.  This time, it was by former Red Wings assistant coach Todd McLellan, who was offered and accepted the position of San Jose Sharks head...

Red Wings Actually Quite Easy To Dislike


I'm not sure what the purpose was, but Terry Frei posted a piece on Saturday at the Denver Post that made my teeth hurt: Can anyone really muster genuine enmity for this Red Wings team? Yes,...

Wrong Team Wins Stanley Cup


There has to be some kind of mistake here.  Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL, rigged the entire hockey season just so the Pittsburgh Penguins---his favorite team---would win the Stanley Cup. ...

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