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Game 26: Stars 2, Avalanche 1 (SO)


The Dallas Stars beat the Colorado Avalanche in a shootout, 2-1. The loss was Colorado's first in overtime this season.

Game 5: Avalanche 5, Stars 4


Not a lot of time for a recap today, unfortunately, so I'll just add a few comments to what will go down as one of the most intense, back-and-forth Avalanche games in recent memory. First of all,...


Fabian Brunnstrom - Time to eat crow.

I'll just go ahead and post exactly what I did at the Avs.com board today (where, coincidentally, I was called a "Nazi board Admin" today. ...They do, afterall,  say "you become what you teach.") ...

Pre-Season Game 4: Avalanche 3, Stars 1


photo courtesy of Jack Dempsey/AP You know, for a team that's supposed to be horrible, the Avalanche are having a pretty good pre-season.  Granted, the pre-season "doesn't mean anything," but...

Pre-Season Game 2: Avalanche 4, Stars 2


photo courtesy Tony Gutierrez/AP The Colorado Avalanche didn't play most of their top players, but it didn't matter at all.  They still beat the Dallas Stars 4-2 in their second pre-season...

They're Not Dead Yet


Thank god somebody finally beat the Red Wings, if only once.  After helping the Wings win nine straight playoff games (two against Nashville, four against the Avs, and three against the Stars),...

The Final Word On Steve Ott


To all the Stars fans who have said things like this: The game replays and the video I have seen do not support a hit to the head, and it is questionable if he left his feet before the...

Ott Suspended Three Games For Douchery


Dallas Stars pest Steve Ott was suspended for three games for leaving his feet and illegally hitting Jordan Leopold on March 9th.  Leopold left the game and missed the Avs' game last night...

Game 70: Stars 3, Avalanche 0


I would do a game recap if the Colorado Avalanche had actually played a hockey game yesterday.  They didn't, so I won't.The real news is that the entire team is now injured.  Peter Forsberg faked...

Game 70: Avalanche At Stars, Preview And Open Thread


The rematch.I bet the Stars are pretty pissed they blew that game last night.  I bet they're going to try harder to win.  I also bet that the Avs will be trying hard, too, because a win tonight...

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