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March: Not So Good For The Avs, Pretty Great For MHH


March might have been rough for the Colorado Avalanche, but it was fantastic for Mile High Hockey and the other 28 hockey blogs on the SportsBlog Nation network.

What Have We Learned: Blogger Roundtable Check-up Cont'd


  OK, let me see if I have this straight: DD sprained his wrist, and rather than suck it up like a good hockey blogger, he whined to the GM and is on the IR for a day or two, plus Joe is still...

What Have We Learned: Blogger Roundtable Check-up


  The American Cancer Society recommends that all men get a prostate cancer screening once they hit 50 years old.  We're 56% through the 2008-2008 Colorado Avalanche hockey season, so let's take a...

Game 28: Hockey-less Recap


A thorough beatdown of the LA Kings helped drive 800+ comments on last night's game thread. That's a good showing after Joe threw down the proverbial gauntlet.  I have to say that the MHH game...

SB Nation Continues To Expand Its Hockey Offerings


The SportsBlog Nation network expands to include two new hockey blogs, Eyes On The Prize for the Montreal Canadiens and Litter Box Cats for the Florida Panthers.

The Avs And MHH Had A Big Day Yesterday


MileHighHockey.com and the Colorado Avalanche both had big days to start the month of December.

All Your Avalanche Blogs Are Belong To Me


Mile High Hockey has seen a lot of changes in the sixteen months since SB Nation contracted me to start an Avalanche blog in their network.  We've sought a steady expansion and improvement of the...

MHH and Rage Issues


I'll be the first to admit that I get worked up about hockey games in general and the Colorado Avalanche in particular.  I'm passionate, as are most of the members of the MHH community.  However,...

Mile High Hockey joins the SB Nation stats party


At long last, Mile High Hockey and the other hockey blogs of SB Nation are getting new statistical bells and whistles! Click the link above and you'll see the Avalanche roster with links to individual player pages. There are individual stats too! Also, the team schedule and results page has been fully upgraded. All of these pages are available via links in the top menu bar on the front page of the site. Coming soon: stats widgets for the sidebars!

No More Team Blogs at TheHockeyNews.com


TheHockeyNews.com has discontinued their team blog feature as of this week, which means I've been fired, kind of. Not that I had posted anything in about three weeks anyway. Don't think for a second that I'll be removing "The Hockey News" from my blogging resume any time soon, though. That stuff is golden.

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