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Analyzing NHL contracts using statistics... Best/Worst values in the NHL

Bear with me, this got long, but I have lots of what I think is quite interesting info below:   I just finished my first year of graduate school getting a MA and PhD in Psychology. This quarter I...

What's Staying The Same: Avalanche Stats Revisited


The Colorado Avalanche continue to hover in the lower half of the NHL team statistics rankings across most major categories.

What's Still Not Working: Pretty Much Everything


Five games ago, the Avalanche were statistically mediocre compared to the rest of the NHL. Now they're even worse.

Mile High Hockey joins the SB Nation stats party


At long last, Mile High Hockey and the other hockey blogs of SB Nation are getting new statistical bells and whistles! Click the link above and you'll see the Avalanche roster with links to individual player pages. There are individual stats too! Also, the team schedule and results page has been fully upgraded. All of these pages are available via links in the top menu bar on the front page of the site. Coming soon: stats widgets for the sidebars!

What's Working And What's Not: Avalanche Team Stats


Statistically, the Colorado Avalanche are a very mediocre team compared to the rest of the NHL. But some stats suggest some serious potential for success over the course of the 2008-09 season.

Hockey Goons = Law School A-Holes


I swear I'm not going to start making posts about law school here, so please excuse this one brief foray into a topic that is only somewhat related to the NHL, let alone the Avalanche.  I won't...

Fun With Tables!


AGE GP MIN W L T/OT PTS PTS% SO GA GAA SOG SV SV% 25 126 6914 61 36 16 138 0.603 5 311 2.703 3212 2901 0.903 31 129 7186 59 54 10 128 0...

Avalanche Season Recap Part I: Some Numbers


First of all, I'm sure the illustrious Draft Dodger will be posting oodles of great statistical summaries over the next few days/weeks here and at ITCS to help us all wrap our little heads around...

Statistical Awareness


                                                        A recent Hockey News article laments the rise of statistics in hockey.  I don't know how Draft Dodger or Joe feel about this subject, but I...

Reading Between The Lines Re-Re-Revisited


After reading Draft Dodger's post today about the offensive production of each Avalanche line this season, I noticed how many combinations of players have been used on each.  Part of this is due to...

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