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Terry Frei leaving Avalanche beat


It was kind of a low-key announcement (way to bury the lead, AD!) so in case you missed it, Terry Frei will no longer be on the Avalanche beat for the Denver Post. He'll be staying with the Post...

Terry Frei = Western Conference Idiot?


Frei thinks the Maples Leafs will make the playoffs and the Thrashers will finish dead last in the East. I'm saving this link so I can email this story back to him in next spring. If the team makes the playoffs will he be man enough to come to town like THN reporter who dressed up like a Civil War soldier in Columbus?

It's A Mess


"It's a mess, and it likely will at the very least lead to a front-office reshuffling, with team president Pierre Lacroix, in semi-retirement the past three seasons, stepping back in and reassuming hands-on control from general manager Francois Giguere. If he doesn't stay behind the bench, Tony Granato would have a job of some sort in the organization. If that shuffling doesn't happen, the next possibility on the list is a conventional and complete housecleaning."

Frei's Take On Budaj


Could Peter Budaj's career have some parallels to that of Tim Thomas?

Terry Frei's Correctness Cannot Be Contained


Denver Post writer Terry Frei continues his excellent analysis of the problems facing the Colorado Avalanche this season.

Somebody At The Denver Post Is Wrong


The tone of the reporting from Denver Post writers Terry Frei and Adrian Dater couldn't be more different this season when it comes to the Colorado Avalanche and goalie Peter Budaj.

Is Any Game In October A Must-Win?


At the start of last season, I had a tendency to take divisional games really seriously.  As in, I called some of them "must-win" games.  Bear in mind that these games were in October and...

Frei On Footer


Terry Frei did a great piece on Adam Foote, which appeared in today's Denver Post.  In it he talks about his move from Columbus (minus the bogus rumors), the rebirth of his defensive style, his...

31-10-7 Just Isn't Good Enough When You're Peter Budaj


I've probably added four or five inches to my biceps carrying all this water for Avalanche goaltender Peter Budaj.  But even if I don't convince anyone but myself, I'll stick to my guns and...

Joe Is Back, But The Narrative Hasn't Changed


So Super Joe is back, a year older and $6 million richer.  Even at 39, he's a formidable top line center, an inspiring veteran presence, and his wrister is still plenty twisted.  I have...

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