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Todd Bertuzzi Out on Wednesday


The hits just keep on coming. Word is that Todd Bertuzzi is out of Wednesday's game against the Canucks due to back pain. It will be the first game the Tuzz has missed in his second stint with the Wings. Per Khan(!), Datsyuk, Hudler and Franzen will all sit out for the game, but Osgood might be back. No word on what the Wings will do, since they have no salary cap space to call anyone up. Anyone know any forwards willing to play for free?

Still Not Over It


The Avalanche today announced more details for the cool '96 Cup reunion scheduled to take place on opening night October 7th. While I can't attend in person, the list of attendees is a veritable...

Howard beats Pittsburgh, Crosby


It didn't end up being a third consecutive buzzer beater, but a lot of Red Wings fans will accept the team's 3-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight. Perhaps the first good scoring chance of...

Catching up with the WCE


It's been a whole three seasons since the west coast express was derailed and a whole eight weeks since it was scuttled, blow up, picked apart by ravens and sent to the far corners of the hockey...

Todd Bertuzzi is a Flame


The market must be really dry when Bertuzzi has no other option but to return to Canada much less the Northwest division. Mike Keenan and you chief, perfect together. And you thought you hated him...

#44 returns and brings a gaggle of assholes with him


I've laid out my thoughts already, but I'll add some more. I like Todd Bertuzzi, always have. Sue me. I like Todd even though he's no longer a player on the team I root for. I like him because,...

Crawford's defence claims Bertuzzi was solely at fault for Steve Moore incident


No surprise here. Saw this coming in December....lawyer bullshit. Keep in mind here that Moore is suing Bertuzzi, the Canucks and Orca Bay for $38 million in damages, loss of income, etc.Crawford's...

Bertuzzi formally introduced to Calgary fans and media


"Here you can't go five or 10 games without a point without anyone noticing and there you can go under the radar a little bit," Bertuzzi said. "That's one thing that I think is going to benefit...

Bertuzzi defends Naslund's tough times in Vancouver


Todd Bertuzzi was quick to defend his buddy Markus Naslund in regards to the former captain's tough final years here and the verbal lacerations he received for it. From the Vancouver Sun: "I think,...

Is Bertuzzi back?


"Bertuzzi Powers Win" says a Calgary Sun article today. "I find it hard to root against Bertuzzi with everyone piling the hate onto him in the past. Glad to see him doing well."- said a commenter...

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