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Gauncer at Biosteel Camp


Check out Gaunce laughing it up right at the beginning. Old friends Stewart and Wolski complete the trifecta of "what if" avs.

Say hello to Tavares/Duchene and goodbye to Wolski?


Dater thinks so. He also says that trading Svatos would be another possibility. Thoughts?

Mirtle's Look at Defensive Forwards


Imagine my complete lack of surprise to see The Baron at #15 on that list. Go ahead, imagine it. I'll wait.

A couple interesting stats from the first half


I was thinking about this while I watched the Pittsburgh game and actually just checked it out -- what is Wojtek Wolsk doing differently that's leading to the increased production? The answer? It's simple, he's shooting more -- Wolski averaged 1.7 shots per game in the 37 games prior to these past 4 at center, and 5 shots per game since being moved to center. That's 63 shots in his first 37 games, and 20 in the last 4. (!!!!) This may be a little obvious, but I was still surprised at how dramatic the numbers are. Wolski's newfound success is very directly tied to how much more he's getting shots off.

Because You Asked: Why is Wolski nicknamed "Baron von Wolski"?

  1. We didn't have anybody with "Baron" in their name/nickname.
  2. We had a 'royalty' theme started with The Duke.
  3. Other announcers are constantly screwing up the 'v' and 'w' sounds in his given name.
  4. It rolls off the tongue.
  5. I'm awesome, that's why.

Your Random Avalanche Player Photo Of The Day


Apropos of nothing: The Baron, Boots and Denver socialista Holly Kylberg oot and aboot at some social event somewhere for some reason on some day.

Bits And Pieces (Of Bone Probably)


I figured I'd toss out a quick post as the week gets started, just to cover some of the latest developments over the weekend. First of all, the kids are already looking vulnerable, but don't...

Avs' Future Through the Draft?


Since the lockout ended and the new CBA was handed down written in blood on the dried skin from Bob Goodenow's carcass, the party line for developing a championship team has been drafting well .  T...

Wolski Out, Forsberg Questionable As Always


According to the Denver Post, Wojtek Wolski suffered an injury "most likely to his ribs" (really, nobody can tell?) and is not expected to play the rest of the series against the Red Wings.With him...

Searching For Wojtek Wolski


Avalanche winger Wojtek Wolski, a first-round pick and potential star forward among the younger players in the franchise, was a healthy scratch last night against the Wild.  It was just one...

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