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Lack Of Strength = More Injuries


Anyone who has ever been an athlete (or even just a casual game-player) knows that to avoid injury you need to increase your strength.  The stronger you are, the less likely you'll be to get hurt....

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week...


...to watch playoff hockey.  Or to be an Avs fan.At this point, with the Avs down three games to none, crippled by a constant string of injuries and a starting goalie who can now officially be...

Fans In The Can


A few months ago, you may have thought there were no more Colorado Avalanche fans left in the city of Denver.  Nobody was going to the games.  The once-great Can That Sakic Built was a hollow,...

Playoff Heart Attacks Are Probably Bad For Me


Even though I lambasted the Calgary Flames for failing to fail against the San Jose Sharks and get the Western Conference going into the second round of the playoffs, it's actually pretty nice to...

Try To Keep It On The Ground, Show Off


I've finally found it, the real cause of Peter Forsberg's long-term ankle and foot problems. The long-term effects of such acrobatics must be devastating on the joints.  Not to mention on the...

Create A Nickname For Jordan Leopold


The nicknames for Colorado Avalanche players are many and varied.  First, there are the simple ones: Bruno, Smytty, Boots, Lappy, Skratch. Then, there are the cooler ones: Super Joe, Son Of...

YouTube: The Duke Does "The Duck Dance"


Let me preface this post by saying I have absolutely no idea why Milan Hejduk's post-goal impersonation of a swimmer is called "The Duck Dance."  It bears no resemblance at all to anything...

Labor Day Weekend YouTubing


To mark a holiday for hard working people, I'll post a video clip for a hard working player, one of the up-and-coming Colorado Avalanche defensive standouts, Jeff Finger.   Here's to Jeff and all...

YouTube: Ian Laperriere


The Colorado Avalanche web site posted a really good interview with Ian Laperriere on Monday in which he discusses his excitement about the upcoming season and the inspiring influence of Super Joe....

YouTube Time II


Since he suddenly seems to be all the rage around here, I figured I'd include recently-extended d-man Brett Clark in the ongoing YouTube CopOut™ here at MHH.The following is a brief clip of Clark...

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