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Colorado claims Parros

With Brad May out for a while, Colorado has found a nice replacement - George Parros, claimed today off waivers from the LA Kings. I've seen Parros play quite a bit for the Manchester Monarchs (don't you hate douchebags who feel compelled to give you their personal scouting reports?). Anyway, Parros has heart to spare. He isn't the greatest fighter in the world...but he will take on anyone to protect one of his teammates (pretty similar to Brad May, fwiw). He skates about as fast as I jog, but he's got some pretty decent hands; he won't get a ton of scoring opportunities, but he may surprise a bit in that department.

Colorado fans loved former King Ian Laperriere from almost the minute he arrived in Denver. Parros is a little bit different sort of player, but I think he's got a chance to become a fan favorite in a similarly short time period.