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Parros is Pondbound

Colorado made a great move today, sending waiver acquisition George Parros to the Anaheim "don't call us Mighty" Ducks for a 2nd round pick. I like Parros, but in the 2 games he played with us it was pretty clear he lacked the speed to have any sort of meaningful impact on this skilled roster. To make room for the Princeton Pugilist, Anaheim traded Todd Fedoruk to the Flyers for a 4th round pick. Fedoruk and Parros have very similar skillsets, except that Fedoruk has about 250 games more experience than Parros (despite being just 10 months older). They even make the same minimum salary. Why is Fedoruk worth less? Not sure I quite get this one, but I certainly won't be complaining about GM Francois Giguere essentially acquiring a free 2nd round pick.