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12/30 St Louis 2, Colorado 0

Talk about a post-Christmas hangover! The Avalanche entered the Christmas break on a high note, having scratched their way to first place in the Northwest and winning 5 of their previous 6 games. The special teams were on fire (just 6 PP goals against in 10 games), the offense was clicking (4+ goals in 6 of the last 8 games). Heck, even the defense and goaltending was solid, with the Avs holding opponents to two goals or less in 7 of the previous 10 games. All signs pointed to Colorado developing a nice head of steam and reeling of a bunch of points.

Just a week later, and the wheels have fallen off of that train. Colorado has dropped their 3 games since, once to a depleted Stars team and twice to the improved-but-still-last-place Blues. Colorado has been outscored 11-6 over the stretch, allowing 8 PP goals in 16 chances, scoring just 3 PP in 17 chances. The Avs outshot their opponents 97-69 in the strech, but couldn't even get a lead in two of the games. The Avs have taken dumb penalties: bench minors and offensive zone penalties. Probably the worst of all, Colorado has scored exactly ZERO 3rd period goals in the last 3 games, a problem that has been in effect all year; Colorado is 9th in the league in scoring, but a lousy 20th in 3rd period scoring.

Here are the December scoring stats for the Avs.

EV Lines

McLean and Brisbois both missed their 2nd straight with a back injury, and Joel Quenneville went with the same butt-ugly lines as on Friday. I'd venture to guess that these will change on Monday even if nothing changes in the lineup...

  • Sakic, Wolski, Brunette: E, 11:26, 10 shots

  • Arnason, Rycroft, Svatos: E, 7:53, 5 shots

  • Stastny, Laaksonen, Hejduk: E, 10:25, 9 shots

  • Turgeon, Richardson, Laperriere: E, 9:35, 2 shots

  • Clark & Skrastins: E, 14:27, 2 shots

  • Liles & Sauer: E, 12:21, 2 shots

  • Klee & Vaananen: E, 12:56, 3 shots

Quick Hits

  • Skrastins has been on the ice for 10 of the last 12 PP goals scored against the team.

  • On December 15th, the Arnason line was a collective +25 for the season, by far the best line on the team. Since then, the line has been -13 to fall back to earth. Arnason has just 1 point and is -5 in that 6-game span

  • It was nice to see Sauer interviewed during the first intermission (Altitude broadcast). I'm not sure I'd ever heard him talk - that's quite the Minnesota accent he's got going on there, ya? For the record, I become more in the Play Sauer camp every game I see him in. He deserves better than what he's gotten.

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