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12/05 Columbus 3, Colorado 0

Just a short recap today, partly because I have some other things to do and partly because there's not much to talk about. Colorado put up 42 shots, but got blanked by a 32-year old rookie playing in his 8th NHL game (if I hear the 40+ shots stat again, I'm going to scream). Colorado looked pretty good, but Fredrik Norrena looked better.
Here's a little secret. A bunch of the "What's wrong with the Avs" talk centers around the penalty kill. That ain't it, folks. Overall, the PK has actually been pretty good - 27 games and the Avs have given up more than 1 PP goal in just 6 of them. Allowing 1 PP or less in 78% is just fine, thanks. The issue with the Avs is the powerplay - they were 0-4 last night, including a minute plus of 5-3. Not long after that golden opportunity was wasted, Columbus scored what would end up being the winning goal. This team will continue to go nowhere until Colorado starts converting man-advantage chances. Simple.

Quick Hits

  • Of those 6 multi-PP games: Colorado has lost all 6. Jose Theodore was the starter in all 6, too (a tad unfair, as one of those game was the Vancouver game in which he left without allowing a goal).

  • That Vancouver game is the only game where Budaj has given up more than 1 PP goal. Overall, while shorthanded, Budaj has a 5.36 GAA (6 goals, 67 minutes) while Theodore has an 8.90 GAA (19 goals, 128 minutes). By my unofficial count, anyway.