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12/08 Colorado 5, San Jose 2

This won't be much of a recap. 10:30 start times for the east coast are just a little bit more than my sleep-deprived body can take; I was asleep before the halfway mark of the first period.

I did catch one amusing tidbit before trailing off to sweet slumber. The San Jose broadcasters mentioned that - after Liles - the next highest scoring blueliner for Colorado was Patrice Brisebois with 8 points. That, of course, is incorrect. I suspect they might be able to find Brett Clark on the list today...

Forward Lines:

Quite a few changes with Pierre Turgeon joining the lineup:

  • Sakic, Brunette, Wolski - 12:57 ATOI, 10 Shots, +3

  • Arnason, McLean, Hejduk - 10:02 ATOI, 3 Shots, Even

  • Stastny, Turgeon, Svatos - 8:39 ATOI, 2 Shots, Even

  • Richardson, Laaksonen, Laperriere - 8:16 ATOI, 5 Shots, Even

Quick Hits

  • Colorado's PP Goal was the first in the month of December (3 games).

  • Lately, Ian Laperriere has been playing with Brad Richardson on the first PK unit, with Laaksonen (or Rycroft) playing with Stastny on the 2nd unit. Joe Sakic is the designated 5-on-3 forward.

  • Pierre Turgeon made his season debut, logging a whopping 7:51...or about 68 more seconds than Cody McCormick was playing.