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Forsberg skates, but...

Flyers fans have some mixed news this week. Peter Forsberg has begun skating to test his surgically repaired ankle. He might even be ready when camp starts on the 15th. Originally, it was thought that Foppa would need surgery on both ankles, putting him out until January.

Unfortunately, it's looking less and less like his linemate Simon Gagne will be joining him in camp. The restricted free agent won't be in camp without a deal, and seem to be far apart on money; Gagne is reportedly looking for something in the $5 to $6 million range, while Philadelphia GM has said that his most recent offer is "final".

The Flyers grow forward prospects the way I grow dandelions in the summer, so they can probably weather the storm in the short-term. But you have to think a 47-goal scorer who isn't afraid to play defense would be someone the Flyers would want to get signed and in camp as soon as possible.