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Conroy back into the fire

Calgary blinked first. With the trade deadline 4 weeks from today, Calgary finally pulled the trigger to bring Craig Conroy back to town. Conroy was a key part of the Flame's Cup run in 2004, and had been rumored to be heading back to Calgary since...well, the Flame's Cup run of 2004. To obtain him, Calgary sends C Jamie Lundmark, a 2007 4th rounder and a 2008 2nd rounder to the Kings.

The 35-year old Conroy has struggled this year (5 goals, 16 points in 52 games), but this seems like a pretty nice trade for both teams. LA gets a nice return for the aging forward, and Conroy has a good chance to revitalize his game with his new old team.

Conroy, btw, always seems to play well against the Avs. This year, 3 of his 16 points are against Colorado.