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Game 4: Blues 4, Avalanche 1

I don't have a lot to write about this game, not just because I didn't get to watch it, but because I'm so perplexed as to what Coach Q is thinking.

How on Earth does it make sense to start a rusty, has-been of a goalie (Jose Theodore) when the true starter (Peter Budaj) scored a solid victory in his last start and had almost a week to rest?  Especially since the Avalanche have a game against a lousy team the very next night?

What the hell was he thinking?  Budaj should have played the Blues, a much-improved team from last season with a growing string of wins against the Avs.  Theodore then should play tonight against the Blue Jackets, a not-much-improved team the Avalanche will likely dismantle quickly.  How is that difficult to figure out?  How does that not make sense?

It is clear that Jose Theodore is still not playing well in goal.  Rehab or no rehab, he only had 19 saves on 23 shots.  And Coach Q's comments like...

The first couple of periods, he didn't get a lot of work, but I thought he looked good in net.

...don't make me feel good about the goalie situation at all.   Theodore did NOT look good in net.  He didn't play well, either, which is a lot more important.

I'm terrified the Avs will spend half of the season trying to save Jose Theodore's long-gone career and end up floating around .500 because of it.  The same crap happened last year.

Theodore is done.  Budaj has already earned the title of starting goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

Coach Quenneville, enough already.

Stars of the Game:

  1.  Manny Legace
  1.  Dan Hinote (wtf?!)
  1.  Barret Jackman

Side Note:  I want to thank Draft Dodger for filling in for me yesterday.  I spent the last three days at a conference in Florida (the weather was great!) and had only limited Interweb access.  Thanks, Drafty, you're the best!