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Here we go again, folks

The Joel Quenneville Whimsical Goaltender Carousel has spun again. After a lengthy, 6-game stretch as the starting goalie, Peter Budaj is being benched on Friday in favor of Jose Theodore.

Theodore, of course, looked steady in the Avs dramatic comeback victory on Tuesday night. But, seriously? Are we really going to have to endure the rotating goalie situation again? Can nobody (and, by "nobody", I mean coach Q) see that the Avs were at their best last year when they went with one guy? At that "one guy" was named Peter Budaj.

It's not like we don't know how this story will end, right? Theodore will play a good game here or there, and then get shelled back to the bench. Why bother? Peter Budaj deserves much better than to be yanked 6 games into the season.