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Dale Purinton is a bad Duvie

Lake Erie's Dale Purinton has been suspended by the AHL for 25 games for a hit to the head of Iowa's Marius Holtet.

Purinton was assessed a match penalty with no time remaining in the second period for punching an unsuspecting opponent and causing injury on Wednesday."An incident such as this has no place in our game," AHL president David Andrews said in announcing the suspension Friday. "Mr. Purinton struck Marius Holtet in the head from behind with a gloved fist after the completion of play.

"This was a dangerous and deliberate action by a player who is a repeat offender."
Purinton, of course, is a repeat offender for these kinds of things, having been suspended in the past for eye-gouging, hair pulling, a cross-check to the face, a sucker punch, and beating up a goaltender. And, of course, when those types of bad people do bad things, it is much, much worse than when good people do them. Right, Mr Campbell?