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Shift charts are (sort of) back

In case you hadn't noticed, the NHL has dumped their shift charts this year as part of their, um, "revamped" stats display. If you are unfamiliar, here's an example from last year. They were a valuable tool, and I miss them as much as Tapeleg does.

So, I wrote a program to make a shift chart of my own:

It's kind of crude for now, but I have some ideas to tweak it down the road. Before too long, I'd like to update it to display the various individual TOI (EV, PP and SH) on there (really meant to do that today, but I forgot). I'd also like to denote things like penalties and goals, which the NHL version had. I'd like to go one step further and color code the for the type of shift it is (blue for EV, red for PP for example). That's probably a bit further down the down, and after some other projects, but it's on the horizon at least.

One improvement it has over the NHL version: I'm able to group the players by position and arrange them by line/pairing (the NHL just sorted by jersey number). I think that makes it much easier to see who played with each other for which shifts, and also draw attention to the points where the lines deviated from the norm.

You'll find these shift charts embedded in the ITCS Reports (example) going forward. I've also gone back and updated the reports, adding shift charts and goalie information for each game. In case you didn't know, the Game List link at the top of the page will take to a list of all the Avalanche games, with links to all the pertinent recaps and reports.