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Around The Northwest Division, October 24

[I'm going to start giving brief previews of games played by the Avs' Northwest Division rivals on a (hopefully) daily basis.  You know, just to read myself type.]

Vancouver (4-5-0) VS Detroit (6-2-1)
Can't say I'm rooting for either team in this one.  I'd love to see Vancouver keep losing due to their complete lack of offense and thin defense, but I just can't pull for the Wings (even if I've officially declared the rivalry dead).  I hope both teams lose.
[Final score: Detroit 3, Vancouver 2]

Minnesota (7-0-1) VS Calgary (4-3-2)
Again, this is a game I wish both teams could lose.  On one hand the Wild need to start losing if the Avs will have any chance at all to catch up.  On the other hand, I hate the Flames.  They've officially replaced the Wings as my least favorite team in the NHL, and I hope they never win another game.  I'll have to flip a coin on this one.
[Final score: Calgary 5, Minnesota 3]