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Power Ranking Ruminations

For a guy who vocally detests power rankings, I sure write about them a lot.  I admit that.  But bear with me as I explain why power rankings (especially this week's version from ESPN) can be so ridiculous.

First of all, here they are.

No argument here about the top four teams---Ottawa, Detroit, Minnesota and San Jose are all strong and talented, and so far pretty successful.  After that, it gets stupid.  Seriously, the Penguins in sixth, up one spot from last week?  For what, beating the Capitals and Rangers?  And speaking of Rangers, why on earth are they up in eleventh place with a record of 2-5-1?  I know they're supposed to be good, but they're not, and the Blues---still down in Lucky 13th---is a far better team than the Blue Shirts.  

And why, oh why, are the Sabres in twelfth place, also above the Blues?  They're 3-4-0 and have really looked lousy in their past couple of games.  Carolina CRUSHED them last night.  I'm really starting to feel sorry for St. Louis.  What do they have to do to get a decent ranking, beat Ottawa 15-0?

Now, as for the Avalanche, they dropped four spots to ninth, after enjoying a couple of weeks in the top five.  I can understand that, since the loss to the Blackhawks (now number eight, up seven spots) was inexcusable.  Hopefully in the next two games our Burgundy Boys can beat the Flame-Outs (again) and the Wild (for once) and resume their rightful spot among the top five best teams in the league.  

I'm even less concerned about the player power rankings, where Son Of Stastny has dropped from first to third.  Rightfully so, considering he's been more or less invisible in the last two Avalanche games.  He's still high up on the NHL scoring list, though, so it's not all bad---and we know he'll find his rhythm again soon.

Okay, enough.  Maybe next week I'll resist the urge to comment on these stupid things---but don't get your money out just yet.